Option Status Manager

Option Status Manager

Manage status of options, control which option to show at product page. It is helpful when particular option need to disable specially when it is assign hundred to thousands of products and modify them one by one is definitely you not wish do, add/remove particular option from every product one by one can easily become nightmare.
With help of this module, you can easily manage status of individual option and option value easily. It’s has a simple UI for admin panel Manage Option value status along with main option.

* No need to add/remove options from product for temporary out options
* Indicative option status at options list page
* No core file overwrite/replace
* Easy recognition which option is Active and which is not
* Sort options by status on/off
* Quick installation using Extension Installer
* Upload & go – no core file modification
* No configuration or additional step require
* Excellent support team
* Free module installation

Let’s take 2 options “Date” , “Checkbox”
Turn status to Disable for Date
Disable Option Values Checkbox 1, Checkbox 4 for Checkbox

At product page (Products that use option “Date” and “Checkbox”) option Date and Checkbox 1, Checkbox 2 will not show, means users can not choose options, option values that are marked inactive by admin. If Date is marked as required at any product then it will get skipped at Add Cart validation allow users to add product into cart because Date is not showing thus validating Date does not make sense.

Note: Ask for compatibility with order options module.

Support E-mail: modulepoints@gmail.com; support@modulepoints.com

Support E-mail: modulepoints@gmail.com; support@modulepoints.com

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