Purchase Order Manager

Purchase Order Manager

This extension helps the admin to manage the purchase orders for products. With this extension you can create multiple suppliers, order status, payment and shipping methods. It generates the invoice and notify the suppliers. You can create the PO on single page with bulk products, single products feature. Admin can quickly add, edit purchase orders with one click. admin can add the extra charges, extra discount, custom taxes, balance on order total. Admin can select the order status for inventory update. When the stock received and payment paid then with the order status update inventory will automatically update.

Admin can add the custom prices for products and product options. Admin can see the price history of products so he can check the last purchased item price and decide the price for future orders. Admin can add important notes for each purchase orders. You can export all purchase orders in an excel spreadsheet.

* One single order page to manage purchase orders easily.
* Admin can add bulk products, single products on same page.
* Auto-generated the PO numbers.
* Add multiple supplier with multiple contact persons.
* Easy to link products to suppliers.
* add/edit multiple suppliers.
* Advance filters that help to get the searchable result from the hundred or thousands of orders.
* Autofill Store address .
* Send notification to Supplier.
* Admin can add important notes.
* Admin can add custom price for each product/option.
* Admin can add custom fee or discount on Order total.
* Admin can create custom order status, shipping and payment methods.
* Show Previous price history of products.
* Admin can add attachments to purchase orders.
* Column mapping for products, PO export.
* Show/hide and manage columns with drag/drop.
* Generate/Send invoice to supplier.
* Export Purchase Orders in XLS or CSV.
* Export Supplier in XLS or CSV.
* Export Supplier Products in XLS or CSV.
* Quick & Easy Update.
* Multi-language Supported.
* No changes in core files.
* Easy to install and Manage.
* Installation Guidance included.
* Provide Free Installation and Quick Support.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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