Multilingual Sitemap XML

Multilingual Sitemap XML
This extension generates the correct multilingual XML sitemap for OpenCart. Generation of XML Sitemap meets the requirements of search engines. The extension allows you to fully manage the creation of a sitemap: include or exclude site pages, products, categories, manufacturers, etc.

Index Sitemap
Products Sitemap
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For each entity, such as Products, Categories, Pages, you can set a priority value (priority tag), content refresh frequency (changefreq tag). Also, in the sitemap, you can display the date of the last change of the product (lastmod tag) and the product image (image tag).

There is a unique function for adding any custom links to the xml sitemap. You can add different links for different language versions of pages. For each link, you can separately specify the priority and frequency of crawling by robots.

The module allows you to set your own hreflang language code. Acceptable formats: en, en-gb, en-us etc.

Also extension Multilingual Sitemap XML OpenCart can give you both a dynamically generated sitemap and a static XML file via direct link. When choosing a static site map, it is necessary to ensure that it is periodically updated. To do this, it is enough to run the update link in the browser or set the task to run in the CRON scheduler on the hosting.

The extension will also work on monolingual sites and will return a valid sitemap.xml

The module is compatible with the standard SEO URL and with SEO Pro. It is also compatible with our "Multilingual add-on for SEO PRO" and "SEO multilanguage/multiregion" (SEO CMS) and will generate an XML map with URL language prefixes and hreflang attributes that indicate to search engines that the links are related and are different language versions of the same page.

Valid and fast sitemap.xml for Google, Bing and other search engines.

Features of the module Multilingual Sitemap XML OpenCart:
    managing the addition of pages to the sitemap;
    adding any links to the sitemap
    manual control of priority, changefreq, lastmod parameters;
    own hreflang for each language;
    choice of file generating method: dynamic or static XML
    fast data processing and generation, own optimized sql queries;
    support for multilingual links and URLs with language prefixes;
    protect access to the sitemap with a password;
    update static sitemap by cron task;
    separate sitemaps for products, categories, manufacturers, blogs, pages;
    dividing the Sitemap with products into parts by n-products;
    multi-store support

Installation instructions:
    Upload the module in the admin panel in the "Extensions" : "Install".
    Go to the "Dashboard" section and update the template cache.
    Go to the "Extensions" : "Extensions" : "Feeds" and enable the module.
    Edit module. Enable the status of the module and adjust all its options to your needs and save the settings.
    To check multilingual sitemaps, it is convenient to use the free service
    Also, you can use the Sitemap XML checker services from Google and Bing.


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