Out of Stock with enabled / disabled Add to Cart button

You can choose if it will disable the "Add to Cart" button, and replace the button's default text "Add to Cart" with the Out Of Stock Product's text, i.e. whatever text you want to be shown for all sold out products that have 0 (zero) quantity, or you can choose if the "Add to Cart" button will be disabled only for the Out Of Stock status, and leave it enabled for Pre-Order, 2-3 Days, etc.

Just see the pictures, and you'll get the idea (the pictures are only with the "Add to Cart" button disabled for all the products that have 0 (zero) quantity).

Installation is as simple as it can be, just open this, find that, after that add this, and it's done. No files are overwritten, no complicated database queries, no trouble at all.

If you need any help, free installation is on its way. Just contact me by leaving a comment, or via forum's PM (GoGo OpenCart).

NOTICE: As soon as I test it with other versions of OpenCart, I will update the compatibility list, so stay tuned ;)

What customers say about Out of Stock with enabled / disabled Add to Cart button

Fastest support I have ever received! Developer goes beyond expectations to be helpful. Fits my needs perfectly.
This developer went way out of their way to create a OCmod version that could be easily installed, but it did not initially work. After some suggestions I discovered my ISP changed the config.php files in the root and admin to point to two different storage directories! Anything this person has available should be purchased with confidence!
The developer was extra helpful sorting out the minor quirks I had with installing this extension. He was friendly and helpful throughout and very fast to respond to my questions! Highly recommended for functionality and support!


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