CryptoCloud - Crypto Merchant Gateway

CryptoCloud - Crypto Merchant Gateway
CryptoCloud offer to you a possibility to accept payments on OpenCart worldwide in the most popular cryptocurrencies USDT / ETH / BTC / LTC and many others.

Ready to provide:

- Low commission from 0,4%
- Fast funds withdrawal (within 30 minutes)
- Help with integration and provide fast online support.
- (OpenCart module is FREE)

Due to the current situation in the world, accepting cryptocurrency payments has become even more popular!

Here are the most significant advantages of cryptoprocessing:

- Rising popularity of cryptocurrencies in the world - the number of cryptocurrency wallet owners grows every year, which makes cryptocurrency a convenient way to pay for many people.
- Fast international payments - your potential customers will be able to pay for any goods and services online in seconds from anywhere in the world.
- No payment risks - forget about being blocked by payment systems for opening transaction disputes and card fraud.

How to accept payment in cryptocurrency through CryptoCloud? Very simple!

⇢ Transition to payment
Buyer goes to the payment form and selects the currency, after pressing the "confirm" button he gets calculated amount and the wallet for payment.

⇢ Payment with cryptocurrency
If the user has any of the cryptocurrencies, he can send the required amount to the specified requisites and the payment will be made automatically after several confirmations of the network.

⇢ Confirmation of transaction
Usually the payment is made automatically after several confirmations network within 10-20 minutes. You can track the movement of funds in the network by pressing the «Check transaction» button in the checkout window.

Start accepting cryptocurrency right now!

- Demo payment page
- Our website:
- Official Telegram Support – @cryptocloud_supbot

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