Store Locator With Google Maps

Store Locator With Google Maps
Overview Of TMD OpenCart Store Locator Extension

This extension helps your customers to search the website owner's physical store on Google Maps located nearby their address. It has GPS location tracking to get the location of customers and show the nearby store their address.

Admin can list their store and its operating days and time. Customers can search the store using Pincode, zip code, address, and kilometer range of address like 5km, 10km, etc. Customers can make a request to pick up the item directly from the physical store.

This extension is useful to save shipping costs and avoid the return of items. The order detail has the store information, date, and time of pickup request made by the customer.

TMD Store Pick-Up will be added to the shipping method list. Admin can set the price of shipping cost from setting. It is multi-language compatible.

Configure The Store Locator Module

Admin can do the setting according to workflow and physical store working time. The admin can decide to either show or hide the header menu on the store locator page.

Google map zoom level can be changed. It will be used on the search result page to display the address of the store on Google Maps.

Admin can set the number of days after the order date, customers can select the store for item pickup. Enabling the pickup time slot will give the time range in hours in between customers can come into the store and take their items with them.

This module uses Google Maps to display the store on the map. Admin can enter the text in multiple languages. Also, Update the color theme of the store locator page that matches your website theme.

✔ Display Header Menu
✔ Map Zoom Level
✔ KM Range
✔ PickUp Days from creating the order
✔ PickUp Time Slot
✔ PickUp Hours Gap (In hrs)
✔ Google Map Key
✔ Multi-Language
✔ Color Setting

Add The Physical Stores For Item Pickup Request

OpenCart Store locator extension lets the admin save the physical store information. These stores will be shown to customers on the store search page and under the checkout delivery method.

Admin can enter the basic information like name, email, telephone or mobile number, or fax. Admin can enter two addresses of one store. Auto load address from the Google map is integrated. Moreover, the option to set the location on Google map using manually by dropping the red colored pin.

Select the days when the store is open and un-selected days will be counted as holidays. Select the opening and closing times of the store for each day.

✔ Name
✔ E-mail
✔ Telephone
✔ Fax
✔ Address, address2
✔ Set Location on GPS
✔ Pincode
✔ City, state
✔ Country
✔ Image
✔ Days
✔ Status

Store Locator Search Page

OpenCart store locator extension creates a new page called "Store Locator". Customers/visitors can search the physical store. They can search the store by pin code, zip code, or address and select the distance range from their address.

A list of stores whose locations come under the distance and addresses entered by visitors will be shown. Selecting the store will take you to the store landing page, where all the information about that store will be shown.

Select The Store For Pickup Request For Order On Checkout Page

When a customer is going to place an order, on the checkout page. The delivery method has a new method called "Store pickup ". It will list out all the physical stores.

Selecting the store will show all the open days of that store. Now customers can select the pickup time for the order.

The selected store information will be saved into order and used to display on the order detail and invoice page.

Store Pickup Sale Report

To make admin work easy, this module comes with the store report. It will contain only those order that has a store pickup as a shipping method. Admin can view individual order detail.

A filter is given in it. Admin can use this filter to get the order list as per their requirement. Order Id, Date from-to, and store name are fields given in the filter.

Display the Store Pickup Information On Order Detail

Store pickup information will be attached to orders whose shipping method is TMD Store Pickup. Both admin and customer can see the store pick-up information on the order detail page. A new section will be called Pick-Up Schedule. it has selected store name, address, pickup time, and date.

The website can send these pickup request orders to the store manager to make the order ready by the date.

Match With Your Website Theme

This extension has given full control over the color theme of the store locator page. Admin can update the color of text, buttons, background, and other things from the color setting.

The updated color will instantly apply to the store page elements.
Background Color
* Search Box
* PickUp Schedule
* Store Button
* Store Button Hover
* Save Button
* Reset Button
* Search Button

Text Color
* Store Button
* Store Button Hover
* Save Button
* Reset Button
* Search Button

Multi-Language Compatible

Your website is available in several languages. This module will match the language on your website to make your customers feel more at ease. There was a language option box. Where language-specific text is entered by the admin.

This plugin will display the languages that your website has currently active. Whenever the language of the site is changed by the customer. The store locator page will display the text in the same language. It will help a website target international SEO and customers.

Supports OpenCart 2.3.x and 3.x 4.x Versions

TMD used OCMOD and VQMOD to create an OpenCart store locator with Google Maps and an order pickup module. It works perfectly on 2.3.x and 3.0.x, 4.x versions of OpenCart. It is also tested up to the latest stable version.

It is used on the cloud version to give the best performance. Testing has been done using the unit test to give quality work.

Your website files will remain the same and untouched after the installation of TMD OpenCart modules. The website will remain to function as it does. It is easy to use right? Yeah!


If you have any kind of questions or looking for support. Please create a ticket.


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