Quotation Manager

Quotation Manager
Overview Of TMD OpenCart Quotation Module

Using this module, customers can make quotations on products and send them to the website. Admin can approve or reject the quotation and even add the new products. An email will be sent customer on the updated status of the quotation.

Customers can add multiple products in one quotation request. Enter the unit price for the product. It has its own quotation cart page.

All the requested product quotation lists will be displayed in the customer account. Admin can reduce the price to give a discount on the product and approve the quotation. Or increase the product quotation cost.

Admin can create 4 email templates for different-different events. Shortcodes are given to write the email template according to work.

This module is multi-language compatible. Also tested with 2.x and 3.x version of OpenCart.

Enable Quotation Request On Product Page

A quotation tab will appear in the product edit in the admin. Enter the price range of the product. Select the button background color and text color. Enable the quotation on the product. This will remove the add to cart button on the product page and bring the quotation button there.

A price range will be displayed on the product page and customers can make a request for the quotation by clicking on the "GET Request Button". It will add the product to the quotation cart instead of the regular cart page of the website.

OpenCart Product Quotation Module Has its Own Quotation Cart Page

OpenCart quotation manager comes with its own quotation page. Here, customers can add the unit price of the products. Also, write the message for further process.

The quotation page has a modern design and takes the color theme of the website. Just by clicking submit button, a quotation will be submitted to the website.

This quotation cart page will be only displayed for that product that has quotation enabled.

Check The Status Of Quotation From Customer Account

Whenever a customer made a product quotation, OpenCart quotation extension will save in the customer account. Customers can view all product quotation lists anytime.

Customers can check the individual quotation information. The updated status of the quotation will be visible on the detail page of the quotation. When the admin does not check the quotation yet, the Pending status will be shown.

Update Customer Using Email On Quotation Status Events

An email notification is always sent to the customer about the updated status of the quotation. When the admin accepts or rejects, an email will be sent automatically.

According to status, an email template will be picked, that was created by the admin. This makes this process effortless for the admin.

It will stay the customer updated on the quotation, and proceed to the next step.

List Of All Customer's Quotations Present In The Admin

OpenCart product quotation extension shows all customer's quotations in the list view format. It has all the necessary fields that can help the admin to recognize the quotation at a single glance.

It has multiple action buttons such as view, edit, approve and delete. Admin can view the individual quotation. It contains the customer information, store name and url, date, and product detail.

Admin can enter own price where

Admin can accept the given price on customer quotation by pressing approve button. Else, Admin can enter the final price by giving a discount on the quotation and approve it. This can be done on the individual quotation detail page.

✔ Quotation Id
✔ Customer Name
✔ Quotation Submitted
✔ Status
✔ No of Products
✔ Product Price Total
✔ Requested Price Total
✔ Date Added
✔ Date Modified
✔ Edit
✔ View
✔ Submit (Approve > do approve)
✔ Delete

Filter For Quotation

A filter has been given for the quotations list. There are four fields present in the filter. It is present in the admin as well as in the customer account.

Both customers and admin can use this filter to get the desired result. The customer name is autocompleted field. Just enter the initial of the customer and a list of matching customer names will be displayed. The date range consists of a calendar to select the from - to dates.
✔ Id
✔ Status
✔ Customer Name
✔ Date range

Admin Can Edit Customer's Quotation

OpenCart product quotation extension has given the option to edit the individual customer's quotation. Admin can edit the customer information such as name, email, phone number, store, and other things.

In the product details tab, a list of products is displayed whose quotation is requested by the customer. Here, the admin can add new products to the quotation list. It is extremely helpful for websites because sometimes customers write emails or call websites to ask them to update the product list of quotations.

✔ Customer Information
✔ Add products in quotation

Approve Or Reject The Customer's Quotation

It is a simple one-step process. Admin can accept the customer-given quotation price for products either from the quotation list page or detail page.

If the admin wants to give a discount to a customer then, enter the updated total price for each product present in the quotation and hit the approve button.

Also, the admin can reject the quotation by pressing the reject button. The status will be updated on the customer profile.

Email Templates For Quotation Status Update Events

This extension also has a feature to create email templates. These email templates will be used to send on various events of the quotation like when a customer created a request first-time admin and customer both will get the email, whenever the admin accepts and reject the quotation, an email will be sent to the customer.

Using OpenCart product quotation extension, the admin can create four email templates. Every time an email is about to trigger, one of these email templates will be used.

All the email templates can be created in multi-language. Language name with the country flag will display in the tabs. Admin can write email content in respected languages.

Shortcodes are available to reduce the admin work while writing the email template. These shortcodes can insert into the template and converted into representative text when the email is triggered.

Quotation Request Mail
✔ To Admin
✔ To Customer

Accept and Reject
✔ Cancellation Mail To (Cancelled By Admin)
✔ Approval Mail To Customer

Supports Multi-language

Multi-language compatibility is a must necessary for that Website is operating in different countries with regional languages. OpenCart product quotation module displays all the enabled languages on the website and creates tabs with language names with country flags.

The admin will write the text in different language tabs. It will use to display to Customers when they change the website language and use the email language.

It will help a website to gain international customers who prefer to visit websites that operate in their local language.


Free installation is available after purchase. If you have any suggestions or pre-sale questions, looking for support. Please create a ticket. Our team will reach you as soon as possible.


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