Apirone Crypto Payments for Opencart

Apirone Crypto Payments for Opencart
Apirone has released an updated OpenCart plugin to get payments in cryptocurrencies.

Since version 1.2.0 the fee is not fixed but charged in amount of 1% of the transfer.
The plugin is switched to a new fee plan.

The plugin expands the opportunities for merchants who use OpenCart for their online stores. It allows accepting payments in cryptocurrencies supported by Apirone and uses the Apirone service as a gateway to accept cryptocurrencies. The system does not store clients’ funds but forwards the payments directly to the addresses specified by the online store owner. It is called simple forwarding. Read more about it in our documentation.

Key features:

  • Payment automatically forwards from temporarily generated crypto-address directly into your wallet (temp address identify payment to exact order)
  • The payment gateway has a fixed fee which does not depend on the amount of the order. Small payments are totally free. https://apirone.com/pricing
  • You do not need to complete a KYC/Documentation to start using our plugin. Just fill in settings and start your business.
  • White label processing (your online store accepts payments on the store side without redirects, iframes, advertisements, logo, etc.)
  • This plugin works well all over the world.
  • Tor network support.

    Installation process step by step

    Plugin Installation

    1. To get started, download the plugin.
    2. Log in to your OpenCart Admin Area.

    3. From the menu go to Extensions >> Installer and click the button Upload. After successful upload, the plugin will appear in the list of added plugins. To complete the installation, click the plus button next to the plugin.

    4. Then go to Extensions >> Extensions. Choose the Payments type from the Extensions list.

    5. Then add Apirone Crypto Payments by clicking the plus button.

    6. To customize all your data click the pencil icon.

    7.1 - Step 1 - Module settings.
    Merchant: Show Merchant name on the plugin invoice page. If this field is empty, it will not be displayed for a customer.

    Payment timeout: The period during which a customer shall pay. Set value in seconds. Default value is 1800 (30 minutes).

    Test currency customer: Enter an email of the customer to whom the test currencies will be shown.

    Processing fee plan: Processing fee plan may be percentage or fixed. More information see on Pricing page .

    Price adjustment factor: If you want to add/subtract percent to/from the payment amount, use the following price adjustment factor multiplied by the amount.

    For example: 100% * 0.99 = 99% | 100% * 1.01 = 101%

    Apirone Logo: Show the Apirone logo on the invoice page.

    Debug mode: Write debug information into the log file.

    GeoZone: Select the geofence for which the plugin will be displayed.

    Status: Enable or disable plugin.

    Sort Order: Plugin position in the list of payment methods.

    Step 2 - Setup your cryptocurrencies addresses

    Fill in the addresses of the currencies you want to accept. All currencies that have Testnet in their names are used for testing purposes and are displayed to the user whose email is specified in the Test currency customer field.

    Step 3 - Statuses setup

    Configuring the correspondence between OC statuses and Apirone account statuses as you wish. By default, statuses are set as Opencart recommended.

    How do I install the plugin

    How does it work

    Download the build for your Opencart version:

    • Opencart 2 - apirone-crypto-payments.oc2.vX.X.X.ocmod.zip
    • Opencart 3 - apirone-crypto-payments.oc3.vX.X.X.ocmod.zip
    • Opencart 4 - apirone-crypto-payments.oc4.vX.X.X.ocmod.zip

    Important for Opencart 4 - Rename file to apirone.ocmod.zip

    1. Go to Extensions » Installer and upload the plugin file.
    2. Go to Extensions » Extensions. Choose Payments from the dropdown menu.
    3. Click the Install (the green plus) button to install the Apirone Crypto Currency plugin.
    4. Click the Edit button.
    5. Enter your cryptocurrency addresses for desired cryptos and switch plugin Status to enable the Plugin settings.

    Opencart v3 updating
    • Download the build for Opencart v3
    • Without deleting the old plugin version, install using the admin panel.
    • Go to the plugin settings page.
    • All values should be from the previous version.
    • Check the status mapping and, if necessary, set the statuses you use for various invoice states.

    Opencart 4 updating
    Without deleting the installed plugin, unpack the data archive into the extensions/apirone directory
  • What customers say about Apirone Crypto Payments for Opencart

    Extention has saved my time so accurate and user friendly highly recommended.
    A good module, I can't say anything bad about it. It is sad that there is no USDT for payments.
    I am grateful for this plugin for Opencart. With it, I was able to connect the acceptance of payment in cryptocurrency. Thanks to the developers of this plugin

    • Developed by OpenCart Community
    • Documentation Included



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