Whatsapp Order - Receive Orders via WhatsApp OC 3.x & 4.x

Whatsapp Order - Receive Orders via WhatsApp  OC 3.x & 4.x
Order on WhatsApp for OpenCart 3.x and 4.x

Allow customers to place orders on WhatsApp
This OpenCart module adds a button on the product page so your customers can submit their orders through WhatsApp.

Click here for the Demo

Quick Installation for Opencart 3.x

Quick Installation for Opencart 4.x

Step 1:
Extract/Unzip the source file. There are two files in the unzipped folder. One is Extension Zip file and second is "XML" file

Step 2: VQMOD Installation
For the installation of VQMOD, follow the below video:

Step 3:
Install the extension as per below images:

Step 4:
To copy/paste the XML file manually, please follow the below images:

Note: We have a complete Extension for VQMOD XML installer, you can buy it from here
Click to buy VQMOD XML Installer

Follow the instructions as per below images:

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