Prepack products - per item price

This contribution is useful especially for wholesalers selling prepackaged products, packs of many items.
Selling a product pack of 6 items (example) and showing the price of the pack, frequently confuses customers not understandingly immediately if shown price is for each item or for the entire pack.

This contribution solves this problem, introducing a new data field in admin product data page: "Prepack quantity", where the store owner can set the number of items in the proposed pack.

As a result, in case of a specified prepack quantity, the store will show three price lines, i.e.:
Price per piece: 5€
Pieces per pack: 6
Pack price: 30€

All the possibile front office product pages are managed:
- product grid/list from category browsing
- product grid/list from manufacturer browsing
- product grid/list from search results
- product grid/list from specials
- featured module
- latest module
- bestseller module
- specials module
- compared products
- related products
- and main product page.

You can check everything in my demo site:
admin: demo/demo


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