Multivendor store (Opencart 3) BETA version

Multivendor store (Opencart 3) BETA version
With this extension, your customers will able to apply for a vendor account in the store (it works similar to affiliate accounts in Opencart). Their profiles are reviewed by administrator. Once the customer gets their vendor account approved, they can create new products and publish them along with other regular products in the store.

Regular customers can purchase products of different vendors as regular products. The cart will be split visually by vendors to show what products belong to each vendor and their shipping cost. The shipping cost is calculated for each vendor separately basing on shipping methods defined by the administrator. It is possible to allow vendors to define shipping rates on their own with a separate extension called 'Custom Shipping Methods'.

- Ka Extensions library version or newer

Current Extension limitations
- Vendors cannot define product options at this moment.
- Vendors cannot define special/discount price rules. They can define a regular price and one active special price.
- Vendors cannot receive payments directly from customers (like defining a Paypal account)
- not compatible with Journal3 and other themes

'BETA version' notice
The beta status means that we have concerns about flawless of extension functionality. The extension is quite complex and differs from a standard extension architecture. This extension is based on a new 'Ka Extensions' library version (4.1.1.x) which in turn introduces 'Kamod' engine for Opencart 3. All these facts make us think that the module should be reviewed for some time before marking it available as a stable release.

That is why we offer this module for free for now. You can install it on your store and see if it works for you. We provide a limited support of the beta extension. It includes a free installation service on a default Opencart store and bug fixes. Adaptation of this module to a 3rd party theme is not covered by the free beta extension support.

We appreciate your feedback!
Your feedback is huge value to us! Even if you did not install the extension, please let us know in comments what features are essential for you in an extension like this.

You can post or vote for features required for vendors at this URL:

NOTICE: we do not promise to implement any changes, but all votes will be thoroughly considered. Maybe some features will be developed as separate modules available as add-ons to this multivendor base extension.

What will happen after public release
There will be a time when we switch the module license to a commercial version. But users, who had a confirmed installation of the beta version, will get the commercial module license for free.

Demo Store

Administrator account:
login: demo
password: demo

Vendor account:
password: test

By the way, you can create your own vendor account and approve it by the admin.

1) The demo store uses a custom theme called 'Milena'. It looks very similar to a default Opencart theme except colors and minor other details. The multivendor extension does not include any theme and it is compatible with the default theme only out of the box.

2) The 'Custom shipping methods' module is installed and activated on the demo store. So vendors can define their own shipping rates manually. But this functionality is not a part of the multivendor extension. This module is sold separately, but for evaluation purposes, you can request a trial version of this module for your test store.

The store is cleaned up every day. All changes will be lost.

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