Related Products Bulk Generator

Related Products Bulk Generator

Generate related products for products based on category and manufacturer with just one click of a button.

Why do you need this module?
Assigning related products to each product can be a very time-consuming task. You can use this module to generate related products up to any number of counts based on the categories mapped to the product and based on the manufacturer or brand of the product.

How this module can help you in your business?
Related products can be useful and beneficial for merchants as well as for customers. Related products help strengthen relations with buyers, and increase average order value and revenue. To get all these bonuses, the main task of retailers, in this case, is to offer products that are relevant to buyers’ needs. And as for customers, they get satisfaction from online shopping and a better experience.

Related products are essential on the product page and provide a better cross-selling opportunity. Therefore it helps increase in sales. Also, related products work as internal links which are good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Highlight Features
  • One-click related products generation
  • One-click clear related products
  • Generate based on categories, and manufacturer
  • Can also generate random related products
  • Can set related product limit
  • Simple Installation
  • Easy to Use

Admin Panel Features
  1. Enable or Disable Category based generation
  2. Enable or Disable manufacturer based generation
  3. Enable or Disable random products generation
  4. Can set any number of limit
  5. One-click generate button
  6. One-click clear button

Storefront Features
This is completely an admin extension or module. The role of this extension is to generate related products and adds records to the database. You can view the related products on the product edit page and also on the storefront product pages.


  • Developed by OpenCart Partner
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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29 Jul 2022

29 Jul 2022
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