The app is currently directed towards the shop who has their own driver to do the local delivery to help them optimize the delivery service, and it works together with the mobile application and an external account on the Genkidriver website.

Account & Pricing:
This extension can be used after you already make an external account in our Genkidriver website. Please find the details at or contact by

The shop owner will be able to assign the existing orders to the registered drivers
The shop owner will be able to see the delivery process through the app in real time
The drivers will be given the efficient route recommendation to finish delivering all orders assigned
The drivers will be given the detailed route from the last delivered order's address to the next address
The drivers will be able to send notification to the customer about their order delivery status through Whatsapp and email
The shop owner will be able to control the default message that the driver will send to the customer

Benefits for Merchants:
This app will assist merchants who have their own delivery service to show the driver the optimal route and a prediction of distance and time arrival through the mobile application, complement to this app.
It will only show the driver one recommended route to finish the delivery, so that the driver can focus on that one route only
In order to minimize the empty house problem, the driver can notify their customer that their orders are about to be delivered
The shop will be able to track down the driver performance in real time
The app is very simple and easy to use, without any complicated step

Benefits for Customers:
The mobile application allows the driver to send a notification to the customers when they are going to deliver the package to them. Therefore, the customer could approximate the time their package will come and will not leave their house empty by the time their package arrive.

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11 Aug 2022

11 Aug 2022
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