OpenCart Custom Product Designer for OC 3 and 4

OpenCart Custom Product Designer for OC 3 and 4
Powerful Custom Product Design Extension for Opencart 3 and 4 Version
Opencart Product Customizer
Best, fast and easy Custom Product Design Tool for T-Shirt, Caps, Mugs, Coffee Cups, Bags, Bottles, Cosmetics, Jar, Pouch, Pillow, Pen and as per your product.....
Top Features:
Admin/Backend Features:
- Admin can add unlimited images and text on his custom product
- Any dimension can be 100% given
- Image and text can be placed at any location on the custom product
- Any Font family, text size & color is 100% customizable
- Required check as a option
- All images are downloadable uploaded by the customer received in the order

Store Front:
- Customer can upload images and text as per his/her choice
- Customer can view live product with uploaded images and placed text

Admin Demo
User / Password: demo / demo
Click here for the backend experience of the product

Click here for StoreFront Demo for Custom Design

Custom "Logo & Text" placed on the Front & Back of the T-Shirt
Click here for Custom T-Shirt design real experience

Click here for Custom Hoodie design real experience

Custom "Logo & Text" placed on the Cap
Click here for custom cap design

Click here for custom sweater design

Custom "Picture & Text" placed on the Mug
Click here for custom Mug design

Custom "Picture & Text" placed on Pillow
Click here for custom Pillow design

Admin can choose Image & Text as a customization type

Admin can upload his custom product image

Below is the Custom Text Options:
Label, Default Text, Font Family, Font Size, Opacity, Font Color, Position X, Position Y, Max Length, Required

Below is the Custom Image Options:
Label, Position X, Position Y, Height, Width, Required

Store Front: Customer can upload his own image for custom product design

Store Front: Customer can write his own "Text" for custom product design

Store Front: At Checkout time, personalized product details displayed

Back end: Store owner will receive the personized text and image in the order and images are downloadable

1. Upload the extension source as per below image

2. Go to Modules

3. Select Custom Design Cart from the Modules

4. Enable the extension

5. Refresh the modifications

Compatible with Journal 3 Theme

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