Active Directory Integration / LDAP Integration

Active Directory Integration / LDAP Integration

Active Directory Integration / LDAP Integration

Active Directory Integration / LDAP Integration extension for OpenCart allows you to authenticate your LDAP users using their Active Directory/LDAP Server credentials in the OpenCart Store. The LDAP Authentication can be performed on various Active Directory / Implementations such as Microsoft Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, OpenLDAP, FreeIPA, JumpCloud Directory, and many more.

Active Directory Integration / LDAP Integration extension provides a simple and secure method of LDAP authentication that is suitable for users with personal websites as well as enterprises with a significant number of users saved in their Active Directory.

This extension can be used to securely authenticate the LDAP users and login them into the OpenCart store using their Active Directory/LDAP Server Credentials.

List of Supported Active Directories / LDAP Servers

1. Microsoft Active Directory
2. Azure Active Directory
3. Sun Active Directory
4. OpenLDAP Directory
5. JumpCloud
6. FreeIPA Directory
7. Synology
8. OpenDS and other LDAP directories.

Features Provided :

  • LDAP Authentication : Enable LDAP Authentication for any users present in your Active Directory/LDAP Servers into the OpenCart Store. This extension is compatible with most of the directories supporting LDAP protocol i.e. Microsoft Active Directory, Azure Active Directory Domain Services (LDAPS), OpenLDAP, FreeIPA, and many more.

  • Login With Any LDAP Attribute of Your Choice: Authenticate users against multiple LDAP/AD username attributes like sAMAccountName, UID, UserPrincipalName, mail, cn or any other custom LDAP attribute(s) of your choice.

  • Authenticate Users from Multiple LDAP Search Bases – Authenticate users against multiple search bases (organizational units) from your Active Directory/other LDAP Directories.

  • Automatic User Registration in OpenCart – Automatically register/create users in OpenCart on the first login of LDAP users in the OpenCart store.

  • Authenticate Users from LDAP and OpenCart – Allow all OpenCart users and administrators to log in even if they are not present in the LDAP/Active Directory.

  • Attribute mapping – Map the LDAP/Active Directory attributes to the OpenCart user profile and sync upon every successful LDAP/Active Directory Login.

  • LDAPS (LDAP Secure Connection) support – Supports secure connection between OpenCart and Active Directory/LDAP server via LDAPS protocol, this ensures protection against credential theft.

  • Keep the OpenCart User’s profile information in sync with the Active Directory/other LDAP Directories upon authentication.

  • Compatible with the latest versions of OpenCart (4.x) and PHP.

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