Admin Favorite , bookmark, custom pinned Links pages

Admin Favorite , bookmark, custom pinned Links pages
OpenCart Favorite Links:
Favorite Links extension provides a quick way for the OpenCart Store owner quickly navigate back to the store links, he/she visits the most.

Links could be almost every link in the backend of the store like complex settings, categories, products, extensions, product attributes, system settingsā€¦

Click here for the demo
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How to Install this extension:

1. Click on Extensions >Installer then upload the source file as per below image:

2. Click on Extensions>Extensions then select the Modules from the drop down as per below image:

3. Select "Favourite Link" Module and click "+" icon to install the extension as per the below image:

4. Click on Extensions>Modifications and Refresh the modification as per the below image:

Extension Successfully installed

How to Use this Extension:

1. Click on the Main Menu "System" then click on " Add Favourite Link" choose "Enable" from the "Status"

2. Start Adding your Favorite Links with Title, URL & Sort order options and save.

3. Favorite Links will be appeared on the left side main menu

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