Cybersource Official Payment Extension

Cybersource Official Payment Extension
The Cybersource Extension allows you to accept payments in OpenCart via Cybersource which can quickly help you reach your digital commerce goals. Our global, modular payment management platform can support you to enhance customer experience, grow revenues and mitigate risk.

The main benefits of Cybersource are, users can use it to accept payments in more than 40 currencies from more than 190 countries, plus it has excellent anti-fraud tool.

Cybersource users can also accept payments from multiple channels, be it mobile, web, or even a call center. Transactions have a universal token and central database that supports all channels and offer users a complete view of customer activity. Information gleaned from this can then be used for marketing activities and customer analysis. Chargebacks, payments, and support queries are all handled safely, thanks to Format-preserving tokens.
Merchants worldwide get an enterprise-class solution when they start using Cybersource, as it has a payment management solution that is comprehensive and can be used for retail, travel, small businesses, media and entertainment.

Process Debit/Credit Cards, Google Pay and Click to Pay through Unified Checkout, as well as Apple Pay and eCheck payments
  • Unified Checkout Integration provides a single interface through which you can accept numerous types of digital payments
  • Choice of Authorize only or Sale Transaction
  • Consolidated reporting for all your payment methods
  • Includes support for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) through the 3DS-2 protocol
  • Includes support for Network Tokens
  • Gateway reports to find transactions and submission details in the Cybersource reports and business centre
  • Utilize both Sandbox and Production server modes

    Payment Tokenization:
  • Payment data stored in secure Visa data centers and exchanged for a safe token
  • Tokens generated using proprietary algorithms and cannot be mathematically reversed
  • Token format fits legacy payment card data fields
  • Tokens support all payment actions and checkout models including one-time authorization, sale, card on file, credit and partial credit, split capture, authorization reversal, and standard checkout
  • Helps reduce PCI DSS scope
  • Data intelligence from the more than 68 billion worldwide transactions Visa and Cybersource process annually
  • Transaction data from Visa Inc., payment processors, and global merchant base

    Fraud Management:
  • Process transactions through our industry leading Decision Manager/Fraud Management Essentials solutions to fight fraud and reduce costs across channels and continents—so you can deliver the experience your customers expect.
  • Device Fingerprint & Case Management Updates
  • Data intelligence from more than 68 billion worldwide transactions Visa and Cybersource process annually
  • Transaction data from Visa Inc., payment processors, and global merchant based on more than 260 fraud detectors using device fingerprint, IP geolocation, and other data

    Cybersource for OpenCart version 24.1.0 release notes:
  • Replaces Microform with Unified Checkout for Card Payments, Google Pay and Click to Pay
  • Adds Apple Pay support
  • Adds support for Network Tokens

    Cybersource for OpenCart version 23.1.0 release notes:
  • Compatible with OpenCart version &
  • Updated authentication signature
  • Added DAV enable/disable button for admin configuration
  • Updated reCAPTCHA key generation tooltip URL
  • Fix for target origin issue for different domain in the flex form capture context

    Cybersource for OpenCart version 22.1.0 release notes:
  • Compatible with OpenCart version &
  • [*] Integrated eCheck and Credit Card Payment Method for Payment Acceptance, Payment Security, Fraud Management, Order Management and Commerce Services

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