Bulk Product Update PRO

Bulk Product Update PRO

    Quick Bulk Product Update - Price,Special Price, Quantity, Status, Weight, Discount, Campaign & etc.

    Quick Bulk Product Update SEO URL - Multi Language Support

    Quick Bulk Product Update Name - Multi Language Support

    With options like Percentage, Flat, Increment, Decrement, Replace, Up, Down & more.

    Filter products by category, manufacturer, product status, product name to update

    Advance Product Selection Area - Add or Remove Product (Built with Select2)

    Built with Best OpenCart Practices

    Easy install & setup within few clicks

    No Core Files Changed

Install via OCMOD
    Quick Advanced Bulk Product Name - Multi Language Support

1. Add / update / remove categories for the product you want

a. You can add the categories you choose to the product you want.lt you wish, you can delete the categories in the products, add new ones.

2. Change the product name of the product you want in the language you want. (Multiple language compatible)

a. You can change the names of all the products you select, add text at the beginning or end, and even operate according to a word in the product name.b. It supports all languages.

3. Make updates to the options of all products you choose. In the options of the products you want; You can perform stock increase, price update, point update, update the requirement of the option.

b. You can increase, decrease or change the price, number and point updates in percentiles.

4. Make updates on all the products you selected. (Multiple la nguage compatible)

a. In the products you want; you con perform stock increase, price update, status update, manufacturer update

b. You can increase, decrease or change the price and quantity updates by percentage.

5. One-click seo process (Multi-language compatible)

a. You can change the seo addresses, meta tags, meta keywords, togs of all the products you choose to be automatic seo compatible.

6. Delete product contents with one click

a. You can safely delete "Campaigns, discounts, options, features, categories, duplicate profiles, filters, related products and manufacturers" in the product you want from the delete menu.

7. Add discounts to the desired product with a single click without the hassle.

a. You can add discounts to all the productsyou choose, and even add dates to the discounts.

b. You can increase or decrease the discount prices on the basis of the price of the main product, as a percentage and as normal.

8. Easily add as many options as you want to the product you want with one click.

a. We can add as many options as you want to the product you want with one click without limits and hassle.

9. Do not sacrifice valuable time while adding your campaigns.

a. Do not waste time, you can add your campaign to the customer groups you specify for the product you want.

10. Create unique product code with one click.

a. When adding products, do not waste your time writing unique product codes. Create product code that has never been used in your products in one move.

b. If you wish, you can add text to your product code, determine how many characters it will be, and save and use these settings continuously.

11. With its collapsible menu structure, it makes your work easier with its functionality without taking up space on your page.

12. Pass the tabs you are not using to save space.

a. By disabling the feature group you are not usingfrom the settings page, the features you sandblastedwill not occupy your space (you can turn it back at any time)

• Add / remove / update multiple categories to selected products

■ Changing the name of the selected products, adding a letter to the beginning or end,

and processing according to a word in the product name

■ Updating the options of selected products

o Stock Update

o Price Update

o Update Points

o Requirement Update

• Updating on selected products

o Stock Update

o Price Update

o Status Update

o Manufacturer Update

• Performing seo operations on selected products

o Seo Address Update (Unique)

o Meta Description Update

o Meta Keyword Update

oTag Update

■ Deletions on selected products

o Deleting Campaigns

o Deleting Discounts

o Deleting Options

o Deleting Features

Delete Categories

o Deleting Duplicate Profiles

o Deleting Related Products

o Delete a Manufacturer

■ Add discounts to selected products

• Adding unlimited options to selected products

• Adding campaigns to selected products

■ Creating unique product code

• Feature of filming by category on the product listing page

• Feature of category information on the product listing page

■ Stylish design and space-saving design


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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