GeoIP Country-to-Currency Autodetect (1.5.x/2.x/3.x)

GeoIP Country-to-Currency Autodetect (1.5.x/2.x/3.x)
1. Goto my demo site
2. If you are coming from a country where one of my installed currencies is your local currency, it will switch. If not, it will stay as my default (USD). But you can add your currency to the admin.
3. To re-test the currency lookup, you must clear your cookies in your browser
4. To test different ip addresses, you can add testip= to the url
ex (
5. You can see the IP that was detected and the currency in the lower left hand corner of the footer.

Supported OpenCart Versions:

What does it do:
This contrib adds a country check to automatically choose a currency based on the customer's ip address.
It uses a complete list of country-to-currency code matchups to show any supported currencies to the customer.
When the customer first visists your site, it will grab his IP address and lookup his country.
It will then match the country to the associated currency that is local to that country.
If that currency is one that your store supports and has enabled in the system, then it will switch to that currency automatically.
If the currency is not supported in your store, then it will default to your store default currency.

You must have the latest vQmod Engine installed from

Main features:
* Uses IP lookup to get the customer's country
* Checks that the currency exists in opencart and sets it or defaults to you the store default currency.
* Country/Currency mapping can be easily changed at anytime
* Has multiple fallback lookup systems in place. If the first fails, it tries the second.
* Sets cookie to avoid lookup on each page reload. Cookie lasts until browser close. Actual lookup only done one time.
* Shows the country code quietly in the footer (shows * if using the cookie value)
* Still Allows customer to change their currency to something else.
* Sets the session shipping/payment addresses location to the detected country to ensure proper taxing is shown.

* If you are using a cache mod, you will need to ask the author of that mod how to allow bypassing the footer.php controller for this to properly be able to set a cookie. Otherwise you could end up with an endless loop
* If you want to test it using a proxy or vpn, be sure you delete your browser cookies each time you reload the page with a new location. It only detects the country if you don't already have a cookie with the value set.
* You must have the currency installed for it to switch.
- Example, if you do not have GBP installed, but come from UK, then it will not automatically switch
* IP Lookup sometimes fails on 3rd world countries.
- If country cannot be found by lookup it returns 'XX'. In this case it will just load the default currency.


  • Developed by OpenCart Partner
  • Documentation Included


Compatibility, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4.x.x.x

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