Suppliers - XML, CSV, XLS Product Feed Import and Update

Suppliers - XML, CSV, XLS Product Feed Import and Update
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The ultimate solution for Opencart imports & exports - full store management
The Suppliers module can add and update products from unlimited supplier feeds.
Every product detail can be loaded or generated: Product name, description, metadata, attributes, options, categories, images, etc., and especially it gives you full control of price and quantity synchronization.



Main Features and Tools

Product Import
Automatically add products from any price list and/or with parsing from a third-party site.
File formats XLS, XLSX, XML with user-defined tags, XML-excel, and CSV are supported.
Add new products from different suppliers - the number of feeds is unlimited.
Look at some product add functionalities:
    product data import: SKU, name, description, images, attributes, options, manufacturer, price, quantity, special prices, discounts, related products, reward points
    meta-data and URLs generated automatically or by "SEO-template"
    assign the product to a category
    assign OpenCart filter
    download product images from external URLs or with parsing from third-party sites into predefined folders
    multilanguage supported
    multistore supported
    SKU in option supported
    Cron scheduling

Create site categories from a price list
You can automatically bulk-create categories from the price list including name, SEO URL, and metadata from a template.
There are also many tools to edit the existing categories.

Product Update
Update products based on the supplier price list or by parsing third-party sites.
You can update any product part: name, description, images, attributes, options, manufacturer, price, quantity, special prices, discounts, related products, reward points, meta-data, etc.
You can add margins depending on the product category and/or the price change.
Cron task can be set to check and update the optimal product price based on competitors' prices (using competitors' sites parsing).

Data Export
There are 9 different Export tools available including category export and orders export.
The product export can be with or without options or attributes - mini, micro, or complete full export with all product data.
You have unlimited options to choose what to export - all products or a selection filtered by specific category, price range, attribute and option value, etc.

This module was created in 2012 and is currently used on over 60,000 sites.
Thanks to the feedback from our customers, more than 270 tools have been developed to work directly with the database. Every tool can be performed without the need for a price list and allow the continuous improvement of the site content.

SEO Tools
The module functionalities have been developed with particular attention to SEO.
When adding products from a feed, all necessary SEO components are added and/or generated: SEO URL, metadata, image rename and distribution in folders, product description generation, and improvement.
Each of these SEO details has also been added as a separate tool that can be used to edit products, categories, options, attributes, and manufacturers already added to the site.

Other Tools
The Suppliers module offers many tools for products, categories, manufacturers, options, attributes, and price mass editing.
Examples of some useful tools:
    generate product descriptions by SEO template
    improve product description uniqueness by up to 35%
    assign category image
    find and replace in descriptions, titles, meta-data, etc.
    prepare products, categories, etc for additional languages adding
    disable empty categories
    attribute unification for third-party filter modules
    remove unused images in the image folder
    set special prices by multiple criteria
    competitors' price report

Documentation & Licensing
You can find Suppliers module documentation here.
Please read about module licensing and the license key here



This module is compatible with the most popular third-party modules, especially those for product options and SEO. However, do not hesitate to contact us for further clarification.

What customers say about Suppliers - XML, CSV, XLS Product Feed Import and Update

This module is the most powerful tool for product import in Opencart, covering every detail related to both inventory and site SEO. A must for dropshipping sites as well as large sites with many products. I highly recommend it.
Perfect extension, it helps a lot and i recommend it! A+++++


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