Crypto Payment Gateway: Accept Bitcoin & Altcoin Payments

Crypto Payment Gateway: Accept Bitcoin & Altcoin Payments
Bitcoin & Altcoin Payment Gateway
Extend the payment options for your customers in a modern and convenient way with the Cryptomus plugin for Opencart! Accept Bitcoin and Altcoin payments in over 20 different cryptocurrencies and give your customers unlimited freedom of choice.
With Cryptomus, anyone can easily pay for purchases using cryptocurrency from their Personal wallet after a quick sign up. There are also options for withdrawing funds, including P2P exchange and SWIFT withdrawal options.
We have created an intuitive interface and flexible functionality to provide users with fast processing and ease of use of our plugin.
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Cryptomus plugin features
    Quick setup: The plugin is easy to integrate! The steps to follow are below.
    Fast transactions: It only takes a few minutes to send a payment.
    Low fee: You only pay up to 2% for accepting crypto and nothing else.
    Customer support: If there is a problem, ask our support team for help and they will get back to you with a solution.
    Multi-platform support: Feel free to integrate Cryptomus blockchain payments into your website, bot, app, or anything else!
    Volatility solution: Worried about cryptocurrency volatility? Set the auto-convert feature and get your volatile coins converted into stable coins.
    Multi-currency crypto acquiring: The list of supported currencies is quite impressive:

    1. Bitcoin (BTC)
    2. Tether (USDT)
    3. Avalanche (AVAX)
    4. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
    5. Binance USD (BUSD)
    6. Dash (DASH)
    7. Dogecoin (DOGE)
    8. Ethereum (ETH)
    9. Litecoin (LTC)
    10. Polygon (MATIC)
    11. Shiba Inu (SHIB)
    12. Solana (SOL)
    13. Monero (XMR)
    14. Tron (TRX)
    15. USD Coin (USDC)
    16. Binance Coin (BNB)

…and many other cryptocurrencies are available. If you can't find the coin you need, you can leave a request in your account.
Integration steps
    • Register with and download the Cryptomus plugin.
    • Create a merchant account in your dashboard.
    • Install the plugin on your OpenCart website.
    • Import the API key from your dashboard into the admin panel of your OpenCart online store.

By integrating Cryptomus into your OpenCart online store, you can offer your customers modern and secure payment methods. This in turn will expand your customer base and increase your sales conversion rates, taking your business to new heights.
Customer's path with Cryptomus payment provider
    1. The customer clicks on "Pay with Cryptomus."
    2. They will be redirected to the payment page where they can choose the coin and network to pay with. The customer has 3 hours to complete the payment.
    3. Once the transaction is approved, the customer will see a confirmation screen.

You can also watch a video demonstration here.
Useful resources
Official website: Cryptomus
More information: Telegram
Logo guidelines: Brand Guidelines
Support team:
Learn more about useful merchant features on our Telegram channel

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