Whitepay Crypto Payments

Whitepay Crypto Payments
Whitepay Payment Gateway allows your OpenСart store customers to pay for their orders in cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. Payment is made via Whitepay. Install our plugin in a few minutes if you want to accept cryptocurrency payments from your clients, attract new customers and increase your profit!

- OpenCart plugin
- Applied account on Whitepay
- SSL on website (secure connection, https)


Whitepay provides solutions for accepting cryptocurrency payments and donations. The company has developed a platform and POS terminal to accept cryptocurrency payments so that online and offline businesses can easily and quickly accept cryptocurrencies for payment. Whitepay already works successfully with major Ukrainian online and offline companies to help them accept crypto payments.


Increase in the number of customers — up to 40% of new users on average due to crypto acquiring
Merchants who accepted crypto payments received an average ROI of 327%
Increased revenue — customers who use cryptocurrency spend on average twice as much as those who pay with a bank card
Accept for payment more than 140 cryptocurrencies
Security — we provide multi-layer security to keep your data and money
No chargebacks


Installation is free. You only pay a fee from each transaction according to the terms of cryptocurrency acquiring.


There two ways to install plugin: automatic and manual.

Automatic installation:

Go to your website admin panel, Extensions > Marketplace page.
Enter ‘Whitepay’ phrase, search and open Whitepay plugin.
Go to Download tab and click ‘Install’.

Manual installation (Admin panel):

Go to your website admin panel, Extensions > Installer page.
Click ‘Upload’, choose Whitepay plugin archive.
Click ‘Install’.

Manual installation (Server):

Access the directory of your website using FTP or the hosting control panel.
Go to ‘extension’ directory, create and open ‘whitepay’ directory, unzip plugin archive and upload data.


Go to Extensions > Extensions page in admin panel.
Choose the extension type ‘Payments’.


There are 2 options for the customer journey depending on whether the customer has a WhiteBIT cryptocurrency wallet.

The 1st option:

The customer is adding items to his shopping bag and proceeds to pay, and selects the "Pay with cryptocurrency" method.
The client enters our form and then chooses the payment method "WhiteBIT Pay". Then the client has to choose the cryptocurrency he wants to pay with. The amount to be paid is automatically calculated after selecting the currency.
The user clicks the payment button and goes to the screen with the payment details.
The funds received are automatically credited to the merchant's account, minus a 1% commission.

Advantages of WhiteBIT Pay:

It's much faster because during scanning the code, all the information is pulled into the application, and you just need to confirm the payment.
The probability of making a mistake when entering the cryptocurrency wallet address or choosing a network is reduced to zero. All the necessary data is pulled up during scanning the code.
The speed of the transaction increases significantly since the whole process takes place within the exchange. Also, the absence of network fee.
If you want to register a cryptocurrency wallet at WhiteBIT exchange, follow this link. Registration only takes a couple of minutes.

The 2nd option:

The customer is adding items to his shopping bag and proceeds to pay, and selects the "Pay with cryptocurrency" method.
Selects to pay from any cryptocurrency wallet.
Selects the currency and network.
The amount is automatically converted to the amount to be paid (depending on the selected network).
Presses the "Pay" button. The customer gets to a page with payment details (QR-code, wallet address, network, memo).
After successful payment the status of the forms changes to "Complete".


After a successful payment, funds are automatically credited to the merchant's account. Merchant can view detailed information about the order and transaction in the CRM system.
All funds received are converted to fiat or crypto, depending on what the merchant chose during account setup.


Whitepay demo version allows you to view capabilities of the CRM system such as: view the list of orders, transactions, get acquainted with the dashboard, and also the ability to view customisation settings (adding a logo, changing the colour, redirecting to the successful payment page).


What is the minimum payment for a transaction?
The minimum payment depends on the chosen currency and network, and Whitepay doesn’t impose additional fees.

What is the transaction time?
The transaction time depends on the currency and network. For example, payment in USDT takes less than 1 minute.

How much does it cost to use the plugin?
Installation is free. You only pay a fee from each transaction according to the terms of cryptocurrency acquiring.

What payment data can be tracked?
You can track the transaction hash, fees, and final amount.

Do you have a demo?
Yes, Whitepay has a demo version. You can find it at whitepay.com.
The demo version allows you to view the capabilities of the CRM system, namely: view the list of orders, transactions and get acquainted with the dashboard.

What cryptocurrencies can I accept with Whitepay?
Today, Whitepay works with more than 140 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, and many others.

What cryptocurrency wallets does Whitepay support?
You can use any cryptocurrency wallet to pay with digital currency.

What is the procedure for signing up for cooperation with Whitepay?
Write to us at partnerships@whitepay.com and we will discuss all the details of the partnership with you.

Also feel free to contact our support team support@whitepay.com


Whitepay is a SaaS company from Ukraine that provides cryptocurrency solutions for business and charity: crypto acquiring, POS terminals and payment pages. Whitepay supports over 140 cryptocurrencies. Whitepay is part of the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem.

Today we operate in over 8 countries and provide our services to over 50 companies. Whitepay won the nomination "Best Blockchain Project of the Year" according to Ukrainian Fintech Awards 2023.

We also collaborated with United24, an initiative of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and helped collect donations in cryptocurrency. The donations go towards medical, humanitarian aid and rebuilding Ukraine.

Whitepay is also a member of the European Business Association (EBA).

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