Easy SMS Notify

Easy SMS Notify
Notify your customers on order updates, send newsletters, send single or bulk messages. SMS are sent directly from your phone, so customers are able to reply to you.
Messages are dynamically created and can contain customer names, order prices etc. It also supports multi-store and multi-language, with the option to use one phone for all stores or one phone per store.
Messages are sent automatically on order creation, order status change and manually on newsletters and single/multi messages from the order/settings page.
The extension uses its own custom made android app, which was solely made for this extension, therefore it doesn’t rely on third party services, so there are no subscription plans, SMS limits, or registrations etc.
Supported manual messages:
  • messages to one or multiple phones
  • newsletter to all subscribers
Supported automated events:
  • all order status updates (selectable)
  • when order placed (default order status)
  • payment reminders
  • dynamic messages with order information
  • single/bulk messages
  • custom Android app
  • multi-store
  • multi-language
  • no subscriptions, no SMS limits, no third parties
  • multiple phones can be used at once
  • supports non google phones (Huawei)
Requires a smartphone with Android 5.0 Lollipop (2014) or newer!

Demo Store:
User: demo
Password: demo

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  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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  • Documentation Included


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