Manage Order Senders

Manage Order Senders

The "Manage Order Senders" plugin is an extension for the OpenCart platform, designed specifically for stores that require more flexible management and control over the order processing and delivery process.


Key features of the module:
• Adding a manager field to orders: The "Manage Order Senders" module allows you to add an additional field to orders where you can specify the responsible manager who will handle and send the order. This enables more efficient organization of work and distribution of responsibilities within your team.
• Sender field autocomplete: The manager field has an autocomplete feature that facilitates the process of selecting a sender from the available list of managers. Before adding a sender to the order, you can quickly find the desired sender using the search function.

In the admin panel:
• Sender management: The "Manage Order Senders" module provides a user-friendly interface for creating, editing, and deleting order senders. You can add new senders, specify their contact information, and make necessary changes as needed.
• Detailed sender information: You can view and edit complete information about each sender, including their name, contact details, activity status, and other additional information.
• Search and filtering: The "Manage Order Senders" module offers convenient search and filtering functions for senders based on dates. This allows you to quickly find the desired sender using specified parameters and simplifies navigation in the list of senders, as well as view the orders they have sent.
• Order statistics: The "Manage Order Senders" module provides information on the quantity and total amount of orders processed by each sender within a specified time period. You can easily track the performance of each manager and conduct result analysis.

The "Manage Order Senders" module significantly enhances the order management process and facilitates more efficient teamwork in your store. With its flexible features and user-friendly interface, you will be able to effectively monitor and optimize the order processing process.


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