Abandoned Carts Free

Abandoned Carts Free
Abandoned Carts Free is an Opencart extension that lets you see which people did try to place order but were not able to make an purchase.

Further more you can also send them email by visiting the abandoned cart list.

These are basically missing orders in your Opencart store.

This extension is continuation of this Free Extension Abandoned Carts Free & Open Source v1.2.9
The module developer had created this for 2.3.x version. And had stopped the support for it. So we decided to continue it.

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Admin Control
username: abandonedcart
password: abandonedcart
Abandoned Cart Admin List

Front Side
Steps to try on the front end
1) You can try to place an order on the front end.
2) You must reach step no 6 for Opencart to generate an order.
3) Once you reach this step. Don't click Confirm order.
4) Now this new order will show on the backend abandoned order list.
5) You need to wait for 1 hour before it starts showing.
6) As it is possible the real customer is trying to place the order. So we have kept a GAP of 1 hour.

List Of All Features
1) View all your missing orders easily.
2) Email function to quickly send email to the abandoned cart user.
3) The template language file can be edited from below path:
4) Feature to check duplicate orders.
5) Feature to not send multiple message to the same customer.

One Page Checkout Compatibility
Since not everyone uses normal opencart checkout we have patch files available for different one-page checkout.

- Designed with ocmod.
- No core files are changed.

Need Installation?
- The charges for the installation is $12.
- We will need Ftp And Admin to help you with this.
- Drop us email at support@cartbinder.com

Need Customization / Help
For any kind of further queries regarding purchase, customization, etc :
Email: support@cartbinder.com

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