OpenCart Affiliate & Referral Program

OpenCart Affiliate & Referral Program

The Affiliate and Referral Program OpenCart Extension by Knowband is a valuable tool for Opencart store owners to leverage the power of affiliate marketing. By encouraging customers to become affiliates and rewarding them for their efforts, the extension facilitates the expansion of customer reach, drives sales, and boosts overall business growth.
Furthermore, the admin can monitor the performance of affiliate customers, including the number of referrals, conversions, and overall sales generated. This data enables the admin to evaluate the effectiveness of the affiliate program and make informed decisions for further optimization.

On the other hand, with this extension, affiliate customers have various options to promote the store, including sharing it with friends, family, and acquaintances through multiple channels. In return, they receive rewards in the form of gift cards or direct payouts.

Benefits and Features Offered by OpenCart Refer and Earn Extension!!

Allow Your Customers to Earn Commission Via Referrals:Unlock the power of referrals and boost customer engagement with our commission-earning program. Empower your customers to share their love for your brand and earn rewards for every successful referral.

Choose from various Referral Methods: With the help of the Opencart affiliate and referral program, you can allow your customers to choose from seamless sharing via social media, personalized referral codes, or direct email invitations.

Easy to Manage Customer Payout Requests: The Opencart store admins can manage and process customer payout requests with ease with easy to manage module admin panel.

Pay Commissions via Vouchers or Direct Payment: From tracking requests to approving and disbursing payments via Coupons or direct payments, our Affiliate and Referral plugin ensures a seamless experience for both you and your customers.

Separate Dashboard for Customers: Opencart Refer and Earn module ensures a seamless experience to your customers with a dedicated dashboard for managing referrals and commissions. Furthermore, the plugin empowers your customers with real-time access to their referral activity, commission earnings, and payout status.

Grow Your Earnings via Channel-Based Promotions: The Opencart store admins can amplify their earnings through targeted channel-based promotions. In the following way, you can expand your brand awareness and add an additional earning channel to your Opencart eCommerce business.

3 Months of Free Technical Support: The Affiliate and Referral plugin comes with 3 months of free technical support period. In the same, our experienced team of experts will assist you in resolving any technical issues, providing guidance, and ensuring a smooth experience.

Zero Coding or Technical Skills Required: The Opencart admins can manage all the module configurations and settings without any technical skills. The user-friendly interface ensures true peace of mind by providing all the configuration options right at your fingertips.

Open for Customizations: Along with all the default features, in case you want any additional options in your Refer and Earn module, we provide customizations at reasonable and affordable prices.

Improve Your Brand Awareness: With the help of the Affiliate and Referral plugin, not only you can add an additional earning source into your store but also the refers are one of the most popular ways of improving brand awareness.

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