Total Discount

Total Discount

The 'Total Discount' module is a powerful extension that allows users to apply discounts in their shopping carts. This module is compatible with multiple stores and multiple languages, enabling you to create different discounts for each of your stores.

Discount by Category: You can create specific discounts for selected categories. This allows you to offer special discount deals to customers in certain product categories.
Discount by Manufacturer: You can set up discounts specific to manufacturers. This enables you to provide customers with special price advantages on products from specific manufacturers.

Minimum Amount Setting: By setting a minimum cart total, you can apply discounts to carts that exceed a certain amount. This ensures that customers automatically receive a discount when they reach a specific cart total.
Discount by Minimum Quantity: You can apply discounts based on the minimum number of products in the cart. Discounts will be automatically applied to carts that exceed a certain quantity.
Discount Type Options: You can choose between percentage discounts or fixed amount discounts. By setting percentage discounts, you can define different discount rates, or you can provide fixed amount discounts on specific cart totals.

Multi-Language Option: Through the settings panel, you can update the discount title that appears on the cart page.

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