Come Back

Come Back

Comeback module is a convenient tool that allows you to change the title of a page when a user switches to another tab.

This module is especially useful for web developers and website owners who want to attract visitors' attention and make their return more likely.

With Comeback, you can easily customize a custom holding text that will be displayed in the page title when the user leaves your site.

For example, it can be a call to come back, an offer to get a discount, or any other message that you consider most effective for capturing visitors' attention.

Multilingual support: The module supports changes to the page title in different languages. This allows you to display messages in different languages to your users.
Multiple store support: The module can be used for multiple stores or websites. You can set customized title texts for each store or website individually.
Blinking text feature: You can make the text in the page title blink to grab your users' attention. This animated effect can help increase the rate of return.
Favicon customization: The module allows you to change the icon that appears as the favicon (page icon) when a user opens another tab. This can be used to effectively convey your brand or a specific message.

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