- usability, speed and fixes - usability, speed and fixes
opencart .mx is Opencart 4 modification that rises usability and speed plus fixes known bugs. All the changes are made with vQmod so it can be removed any time and allows to upgrade Opencart as soon as new version is released.

Requires MX Installer. If your Opencart version is lower than, use MX OC4 Upgrade Fix to upgrade first.

Thanks to MX Installer you will be automatically notified about opencart .mx updates and it will update in one click.

Check the demo -

Fix for 6 known Opencart bugs (4 critical)

Default theme restyling
Default theme is made more modern and ready to use in real stores. All the changes are done with additional CSS only so the template is intact and fully compatible with all extensions.

Speed Up
Changes that make Opencart 4 approximately 2 times faster. Here is the list:
- optimized events processing that works 20 times faster
- optimized language processing code
- Remove repetitive SEO URL queries

Remove default language code and index.php from URLs
Use default SEO URLs if current language/store SEO URL is missing
Auto fill Meta Title, Model and Seo URL on product, category, manufacturer and info
Add text to buttons in admin
Remove language selector if only one language installed
Hide language indicators and tabs if there is only one language
Remove notifications bell if no notifications
"Do not show again" button in security notifications
Merge image and name in products list
Make filtering automatic and remove "Filter" button
Increase title input field size
Hide Design Tab if there is no layouts created
Hide store checkboxes if there is no multistores
Product form hide filters and downloads selectors if there is none of them
Remove shopping cart link from the header - there is a large shopping cart button next to it
Nice shortening of products description in categories
Hide mini-cart text if there is no products in it

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3 Oct 2023

14 Jul 2023
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