Auto Change Currency And Language By IP

Auto Change Currency And Language By IP

This module is designed to enhance your e-commerce store's user experience with the IP-based Currency and Language Selector. With this powerful tool, your online store can automatically detect and adjust the currency and language based on your customers' IP addresses. Whether your customers are browsing from Paris or Tokyo or London, our module will ensure based on your configuration to display prices and language as per their locality, making it easier for them to understand and compare product. This will overall enhance customer satisfaction, increase conversions, and expand your global reach, all while providing a personalized and localized shopping experience.

  • Auto Detect Customer Country from IP using
  • Auto Set Currency & Language based on Customer's Country.
  • Enable/Disable for Specific Country as per your configuration.
  • Enable/Disable between Currency or Language Update.
  • Use Debug Mode to trace locale change.
  • Built with best OpenCart Practices, No Core files changed.
  • Install via OCMOD.


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