Google Image Sitemap

Google Image Sitemap

Google Image Sitemap is an important component for successful SEO today because traditional sitemaps are inadequate. Typically, traditional sitemaps only include a single main product image and have unresolved issues that hinder proper indexing of images by search engines.

If you're experiencing difficulties with Google recognizing your images, the solution is our Google Image Sitemap module. With this module, the images of your products in your online store can be easily indexed and discovered by Google and other search engines.

Our Google Image Sitemap module includes category images, product images, and additional product images. By utilizing a Google Image Sitemap, you can ensure that the images on your website are effectively recognized and indexed by search engines, thus enhancing your website's SEO performance.

For more information about what Google Image Sitemap is and how it can contribute to your website's SEO performance, you can visit the following link:

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