Opencart Product Stickers and Labels

Opencart Product Stickers and Labels
If you are willing to make your customers aware of sales, discounts, shipping schedules, and other relevant details, Knowband's Product Label Extension for Opencart is here to help. The Opencart product Label and Sticker extension provide a wide range of highly-functional features to ensure that you are at ease. Moreover, with the help of the Knowband product label and sticker extension, the admins can show and manage responsive stickers and labels on the product images.

Let's take a look at some of the most notable features offered by the Opencart product sticker plugin.:
1. Manage Sticker Appearance:
With the help of the Opencart Product Label and Stickers extension, the Opencart admins can choose the products,
categories, and even pages where they want to display the product stickers.
2. Include/Exclude Products:
One of the major advantages of having the Opencart Product sticker extension on board is that the admins can choose specific products for which they want to include/exclude the product stickers.
3. 30+ Pre-Loaded Stickers:
The extension comes with 30+ pre-loaded stickers that make the Product label extension a ready-to-use Opencart plugin. Along with your purchase, you are going to find a wide variety of lucrative stickers for various occasions
such as new year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, and much more.
4. Custom Sticker Upload option:
Along with the pre-loaded labels, the admins can also upload the stickers images at their convenience.
5. Real-Time Sticker Preview:
Want to check how the stickers will look on the front end before uploading the same? We have got them covered with the real-time sticker preview. Now, you can check and manage the position and size of stickers in the sticker
preview section.
6. Include/Exclude Categories:
Opencart product label and stickers extension allow the eCommerce store admins to include/exclude specific categories for the sticker appearance. Moreover, if you want to show the sticker for a particular category and just want to exclude a few products, you can manage the same from the sticker
setting tab.
7. Manage Stickers based on Stock:
If you are willing to show responsive stickers on the storefront based on the product quantity, we have got your back. Now, the admins can manage the stickers based on the stock of the selected products.
8. Create as Many Labels as You Want:
You can add as many stickers as you want to your Opencart shop. Furthermore, you can easily manage the conditions of stickers at your convenience.
9. Made for all Occasions:
Either you are willing to show sales offers on your products, or you are willing to deliver any specific information to your customers. The Opencart Sticker and Label plugin is designed for all occasions. Using the product sticker extension, the admins can grab the attention of their customers within no time. By making them aware of all the offers and
information without even letting them visit the product page.
10. Customizable Sticker Size:
Are you not able to find a sticker of the perfect size? Don’t worry. At the time of sticker preview, the admins can manage the dimension of the stickers by just entering the height and width of the sticker.

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