Inactive Customer Management / Remover

Inactive Customer Management / Remover

With this extension, you can automatically handle inactive customers and keep your database clean and efficient.

This module allows you to delete inactive customers from your OpenCart store automatically. An inactive customer is a customer whose account status is set to "Disabled". The module will delete inactive customers whose status has been disabled for over the specified number of days. You can also choose whether or not to delete inactive customers who have placed an order in the past.

1. Automatic Customer Disabling
  • This extension can automatically disable a customer if they remain inactive for a specified number of days, based on their activity or order history.

2. Automatic Customer Deletion
  • You have the option to automatically delete customers who have been disabled for a set number of days. Keep your customer list up to date!

3. Configurable Thresholds
  • Customize the number of days a customer can be inactive before they are marked as disabled.
  • Configure how long an inactive customer should be kept before being deleted.

4. Order-Based Deletion
  • You can choose to delete inactive customers even if they have placed an order, giving you full control over your database.

5. Admin Tools
  • Generate an "Inactive Customer Report" directly from the admin panel.
  • Manually delete inactive customers with ease, right from the admin interface.

6. Export Data
  • Export inactive customer data in CSV format, including information like their last visited date, order count, and total order value.

7. Automated Cron Job
  • The extension is triggered by a cron job, ensuring that it runs regularly without manual intervention.

Installation and Configuration
  • Install the module in your OpenCart store.
  • Configure the extension settings according to your preferences, setting the thresholds and options that suit your business needs.

Automatic Management
  • Once configured, the extension will automatically identify and mark inactive customers based on your settings.
  • It can also delete these inactive customers if you choose this option.

Admin Tools
  • From the admin panel, you can generate an "Inactive Customer Report" to stay informed about your customer activity.
  • You can manually delete inactive customers as needed.

Export Data
  • Export inactive customer data in CSV format for your records or further analysis.

Cron Job
  • Ensure that the cron job is set up to trigger the extension regularly, ensuring continuous automated management.

With "Inactive Customer Management," you can maintain a clean and efficient customer database, improving the performance of your OpenCart store and helping you better understand your customer base.

This module can help you to keep your customer database clean and organized.
It can also help you to improve your store's performance by reducing the amount of data that needs to be processed.
By deleting inactive customers, you can also prevent them from receiving marketing emails or other communications from your store.

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