Antropy Meta Robots Editor

Antropy Meta Robots Editor
Looking to take control of your website's search engine visibility and optimisation? Our Custom Robot Meta Tag editor is the ultimate solution for OpenCart users, allowing you to fine-tune the content of robot meta tags for all available page types, so that you can control how search engines index your content and elevate your site's visibility with precision.

Robots meta tags are essential HTML tags that provide instructions to search engines regarding the indexing and crawling of web pages. Their importance lies in controlling what content is indexed, preventing duplicate content issues, directing crawling behaviour, preserving page quality, enhancing SEO performance, and improving user experience by ensuring that only relevant and high-quality content is shown in search results.

For an extensive list of rules, please see this page.

Key Features:

  • Targeted Robot Meta Tag Control: Effortlessly manage robot meta tags across various OpenCart pages (products, categories, information pages), fine-tuning indexing directives for superior search engine optimisation.
  • Precise Indexing Directives: Specify noindex, nofollow, index, and follow directives to guide search engine crawlers, preventing duplicate content issues and enhancing your OpenCart store's SEO performance.
  • Compliance and Page Control: Ensure compliance with privacy regulations by easily determining which pages in your OpenCart store should or should not be indexed or followed by search engines.

    Page Types Available to Modify:

  • Homepage
  • Product Page
  • Category Page
  • Search Page
  • Manufacture Page
  • Information Page
  • Contact Page
  • Registration Page
  • Login Page
  • [*]Pages with Query Parameters

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