Store-Specific Customer Accounts

Store-Specific Customer Accounts
The Store-Specific Customer Accounts extension for OpenCart revolutionizes the default behavior of multi-store websites by allowing customers to log in only to the store where they created their account. With this extension, you can ensure that customer accounts are isolated on a per-store basis, offering enhanced security and a personalized user experience.

Key Features:
  • Store-Specific Account Restriction: Customers are restricted to log in and access features exclusively within the store where their account was created. This eliminates the cross-store login functionality provided by default in OpenCart.
  • Admin Panel Management: The extension offers a convenient feature in the admin panel where administrators can change the customer's store association. This gives administrators complete control over customer accounts and ensures seamless store management.
  • Enhanced Customer Management: The extension empowers administrators with the ability to sort and filter customers based on their associated store within the admin customers list. This feature simplifies customer management and allows for efficient store-specific interactions.

The Store-Specific Customer Accounts extension provides a tailored solution for multi-store websites, delivering a more secure and manageable approach to customer accounts while enhancing the overall user experience. With its feature-rich functionality, this extension is an essential tool for OpenCart Multi store administrators to optimize their e-commerce stores.

Free Installation and Support
No core files are changed.

Install Instructions - OCMOD
- Login to your OpenCart Admin panel
- Go to Extensions > Installer and upload file suited for your OpenCart version
- Go to Extensions > Modifications and click Refresh


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