✔ Premium Export/Import Tool

✔ Premium Export/Import Tool
Introducing our powerful Export/Import Tool, an essential tool for administrators seeking to streamline their online store management.

With this tool, you can perform mass exports of categories, products, options, attributes, filters, and customer data to Excel spreadsheet files. This provides you with the flexibility to edit your data offline and then reimport it into your OpenCart database.

Key Features:

• Incremental or Non-Incremental Import: With our tool, you can choose between incremental import, which updates or adds data to the OpenCart server without removing existing data, or non-incremental import, which clears old data before import, depending on your needs.

• Selective Export: Customize your exports by limiting data to specific ranges, focusing on particular products and categories.

• Multilingual Support: The tool is compatible with multiple languages, allowing you to reach a global audience.

Requirements and Considerations:

To make the most of this tool, ensure you meet the following requirements and considerations:

• Use version 4.17 of the Export/Import Tool on systems with PHP version 7.3 or higher. If you are using an older version of PHP, don't worry, our previous version, 3.22, is still compatible.

• Note that memory requirements can be quite high. If your shared web hosting account has memory usage limitations, we recommend not exporting or importing large data quantities at once. Instead, consider using a more dedicated hosting account or splitting your operations into smaller batches.

Installation Instructions:

The installation of this tool is a straightforward process. Here are clear instructions for different OpenCart versions:

For OpenCart 4.x:

1. Access the OpenCart admin panel.
2. Go to "Extensions" > "Installer" > "Upload" and install the file.
3. Next, navigate to "Extensions" > "Extensions" > "Other" > "Export/Import Tools" and enable it.
4. You can now access the tool from "System" > "Maintenance" > "Export/Import."

For OpenCart 2.x and 3.x:

1. Access the OpenCart admin panel.
2. Go to "Extensions" > "Marketplace" or "Extensions" > "Installer" > "Upload" to install the file.
3. Then, visit "Extensions" > "Modifications," where you will find an entry for "Export/Import Tool." Click the refresh button in the upper right corner of the page.
4. Go to "System" > "Users" > "User Groups" > "Edit Administrator" and configure access and modification permissions for 'extension/export_import' (for OC 3.x or later) or 'tool/export_import' (for OC 2.x or earlier).
5. You can now access the Export/Import Tool from "System" > "Maintenance" > "Export/Import" (for OC 3.x or later) or from "System" > "Tools" > "Export/Import" (for OC 2.x or earlier).

For OpenCart 1.x:

1. Unzip and upload the 'admin,' 'system,' and 'vqmod' folders from the 'upload' directory to your main OpenCart remote directory.
2. Before using this newly installed Export/Import feature for the first time, configure access rights in the OpenCart admin backend at "System" > "Users" > "User Groups" for 'tool/export_import.'

Installation view

Support and Compatibility:

Our tool has been successfully tested with standard OpenCart versions, including 1.5.x, 2.x, 3.0.x, and 4.0.x. Please note that we do not recommend using it with other OpenCart versions.

Dear friend, if you need assistance with installation or encounter any issues, feel free to send us a message, and we will be delighted to assist you. We are here to support your efficient online store management :)

Empower your store with the Export/Import Tool!

Enjoy it!


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