QuickAdd Quantities Pro

QuickAdd Quantities Pro

Streamline shopping with Instant Quantity Input: add, adjust, and purchase products directly from the grid or list view. Simplify buying decisions, empowering customers to manage quantities effortlessly with QuickAdd Quantities Pro for OpenCart 4.

Shopping experiences often involve multiple steps for customers to add products to their carts, especially when adjusting quantities. Traditional methods require visiting individual product pages to modify quantities, leading to potential friction and a longer purchasing process.

Our VQMod plugin addresses this challenge by enabling seamless quantity adjustments directly from the product grid or list view in OpenCart 4. It simplifies the shopping journey, allowing users to specify quantities instantly without navigating to individual product pages.

Key Features:
  1. Seamless Quantity Input: Enable users to specify the quantity directly from the product listing, without the need to visit individual product pages.
  2. Enhanced Shopping Experience: Streamline the shopping process, making it faster and more convenient for customers.
  3. Improved Conversion Rates: Reduce cart abandonment by eliminating unnecessary steps in the checkout process.

  1. Save Time for Customers: Allow customers to add items to their cart quickly and efficiently.
  2. Reduce Clicks and Page Loads: Enhance the shopping experience by minimizing the number of clicks and page loads.
  3. Boost Sales and Conversions: Encourage customers to complete their purchases by simplifying the checkout process.

Overall, the Quantity Input for Grid and List Views extension simplifies your customers’ shopping journey, leading to increased satisfaction, improved conversion rates, and enhanced sales for your OpenCart 4 store.

Ideal for: E-commerce stores aiming to enhance user convenience and streamline the purchasing process in OpenCart 4 environments.


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22 Nov 2023

22 Nov 2023
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