SQLantern Database Manager for OpenCart

SQLantern Database Manager for OpenCart
This extension is an integrated version of SQLantern - a multi-panel database manager.

What is SQLantern
SQLantern is a database manager, designed for high productivity, with a new concept: displaying multiple database tables side by side in separate panels.

Read more about SQLantern on GitHub
Visit SQLantern demo at sqlantern.com

What is this extension
The extension adds a new menu item for admins: "System > SQLantern", which opens the integrated version of SQLantern.

It provides a super-fast two-click access to the website database.
Security is not compromised: there is no additional login/password form, only website admins have access.
It is the safest and the easiest SQLantern version to use.

Install the downloaded file in "Extensions > Installer".
Go to "System > Users > User Groups".
Open your User Group (it's probably "Administrator"), check "extension/module/sqlantern_opencart" in both "Access Permission" and "Modify Permission", save changes.
Go to "Extensions > Extensions", choose the "Modules" extension type.
Find "SQLantern" in the list, click "Install" (the green "+" button).
You can now use the "System > SQLantern" menu item.

SQLantern module is not a modification, and cannot really conflict with anything (conflict with another module would be a phenomenon).
There is no need to refresh modifications to enable or disable the module.

How to prevent OpenCart admin session expiration while you're working with the database
Enable the "Keep-alive" in the database panel (the one with the tables' list):
This will automatically reconnect to the server periodically on the background and prolong the session when possible (in the same way OpenCart does).
Unfortunately, it only prolongs database-based sessions, but not "native" sessions.
Also, this auto-prolongation can be interrupted and disabled by the browser itself if the SQLantern tab gets discarded (if you don't know, very simply speaking, that's when the tab was "on the background" for a long enough time).

Only the "mysqli" database driver is supported.
Only "db" and native session engines are supported.

SQLantern and this extension are open-source and free software under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

There are English and Ukrainian translations.

SQLantern OpenCart module PHP and JS code:
(C) 2023 Misha Grafski aka nekto

SQLantern PHP code:
(C) 2022, 2023 Misha Grafski aka nekto

SQLantern JS, HTML, CSS code:
(C) 2022, 2023 Svitlana Militovska

Made by Adrien Denat from a fork by Jonathan Nicol

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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