ChatBro Live Group Chat

ChatBro Live Group Chat
ChatBro – live group chat for your website.

ChatBro is a web-based messenger that can be synchronized with Telegram and VK. Customize ChatBro's design using a web constructor to match your website's style.

Why ChatBro?
- Easy creation and integration. A web-based constructor for effortless chat configuration.
- Synchronization and Indexing. Synchronize your website chat with Telegram/VK chats and enable indexing by search engines.
- Attachments. Files uploading. Photos and videos unfolding.
- Various authentication methods. Authentication via your site, social networks, guests.
- Flexible moderation. Assignable moderators and powerful server-side message filtering function.
- Fast and optimized. Optimized for mobile devices. No delay on your website. Every chat is horizontally scaled with Geo DNS.

Website chat synchronized with Telegram group chat
You can seamlessly join a Telegram group chat from the web chat menu. Conversations will take place within Telegram, generating thematic content for your website. You also have the option to add @ChatbroBot to an ongoing conversation and display the chat history on your website.

Admins will find it convenient to respond to user questions using a messenger application on their mobile phones.

Chatting with operators causes less confidence
Product reviews one of the most motivating factor. People communicate in multi-user chat and see admins reaction realizing that the site service is functional and adequate.

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23 Dec 2023

23 Dec 2023
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