Payment by EPC QR code (SEPA)

Payment by EPC QR code (SEPA)
The EPC QR Code Payment extension for OpenCart introduces a novel payment method incorporating QR code technology. Following order placement, a payment QR code is dynamically generated in accordance with the unified EPC (European Payments Council) standard. To complete the payment, customers can scan the received QR code using their mobile banking application or upload an image or screenshot containing the code to the banking app's scanner. Subsequently, all payment details and the specified amount will be automatically populated, prompting the customer to select a bank card for order payment.
The extension for European countries - developed on the recommendations of the European Payments Council (EPC), which is an organization representing the interests of European payment service providers of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). A list of European banks that work with QR codes can be viewed here.
Utilizing the EPC QR code, payment by IBAN offers a seamless method for settling transactions. This QR code is versatile, applicable for purchasing goods and services, generating invoices for state, administrative, and utility payments, and facilitating fund transfers from an account or card to an IBAN account. Whether it's settling bills or transferring funds, the EPC QR code simplifies the process, enhancing the efficiency and convenience of financial transactions.
The extension works on PHP>=7.4


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