Rabo iDEAL Professional

Rabo iDEAL Professional
You want a lot of freedom and the possibility to integrate iDEAL in your webshop or your own online checkout. In addition, you receive a lot of payments in your webshop or you want to have your online services paid for with iDEAL. Then Rabo iDEAL Professional is ideal.

What is Rabo iDEAL Professional?
You can seamlessly integrate iDEAL Professional into your webshop or your own online checkout. Ideal if you receive many payments through your webshop or if you want your customers to pay for your online services. The customer is recognized via an iDEAL profile, which means that your customers can quickly and easily make the payment via their own trusted bank. You immediately receive a payment guarantee (push) and you receive the payment quickly, usually the same day on your account.

The advantages of Rabo iDEAL Professional

  • Most used online payment method in the Netherlands
  • The money is quickly in your account
  • The customer can specify a preferred account via an iDEAL profile. When making a payment, the customer is recognized and immediately forwarded to their own payment environment.
  • Use of iDEAL Professional Dashboard

What do you need?

  • A Rabo iDEAL Professional contract. You can easily request this via https://ideal.rabobank.nl/
  • The OpenCart Rabo Professional integration
  • A free CodeBrain PPP account, this can be created at: https://codebrain-ppp.nl


  • Authentication, authorization and integrity of messages is guaranteed by three different mechanisms:
  • Transport Level Security
  • Digital Signatures
  • Access Tokens

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included



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18 Mar 2024

5 Feb 2024
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