Advanced Shipping

Advanced Shipping
The Advanced Shipping is your go-to for all shipping needs. It's straightforward, user-friendly, and covers everything you need for shipping. It helps you quickly and accurately figure out shipping costs by considering factors like product weight, size, and your customer's location by using GeoZone (Country,zone) and/Or specific Postal Codes for special rates/remote areas.

Key Features:

• Customized Shipping: Easily set up different shipping choices for different destinations, Add as many shipping methods as you want each with their own pricing and geozones - settings, such as "Fedex Economy" or "UPS Express"

• Fair Pricing: Adjust shipping costs based on where the package is going, whether it's local or international, or even for special areas with unique postal codes.

• Free Shipping Options: Provide free shipping for specific places - geozones, or when orders hit a certain weight, making shopping more attractive for your customers.

• Precise Pricing: Apply fair pricing methods just like major shipping companies, ensuring your customers pay the right price based on package size and weight.

How it works:

Each cart is assigned a total weight calculated from all the products it contains. If a product's volume weight exceeds its actual weight, we use the volume weight instead, just like shipping companies do.

Ensure you input accurate product details in the data tab, including the final total weight of the product packaging. Use attributes to describe the actual sizes and weights of the product without their packing.

To disable using volume weight, simply enter zero "0" as the factor in the settings for the selected shipping method.

That's it! You're ready to ship accurately and efficiently, for more details read the documentation.

Note: It is only available for Opencart 4. leave a comment if you need it ported for another version.

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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