✔ Português do Brasil | Brazilian Portuguese Translation 2024

✔ Português do Brasil | Brazilian Portuguese Translation 2024
Take your business to the next level with our Português do Brasil translation for OpenCart!

Available for OpenCart v.2, v.3, v.4

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Unleash the potential of your website with flawless and continuously updated translation!


• Constant updates.
• Impeccable translation and comprehensive communication for greater user engagement.
• Increase your online presence and stand out in the competitive digital world.
• Store installation.
• Automatic adjustment of the most important settings.
• Automatic translation of essential terms (order status, returns, etc.).

Simple and straightforward translation

• Easy installation with a single file in the admin.
• Neutral and adaptable to any OpenCart configuration.


Compatible OpenCart Versions:

    OpenCart or higher
      OpenCart or higher

      For OpenCart 3.x versions:

      1. Go to System → Localisation → Languages in the store administration.
      2. Click on "Add New" and fill out the form with the following details:
    • Language Name: Portuguese
    • Code: pt-br
    • Locale: pt-BR,pt_BR.UTF-8,pt_BR,pt-br,portuguese
    • Status: Enable
    • [*]Sort Order: 1

      3. Click on "Save".
      4. Then, in System → Settings, select "Portuguese" in both the "Language" and "Administration Language" fields under the "Local" tab and save the changes.

      Installation for OpenCart 2.x versions:

      1. Download the translation package compatible with your store version from this link: https://www.opencartbrasil.com.br/download
      2. In System → Settings, access the FTP tab, fill in the FTP access information for your hosting, especially the FTP Root field, which is the path to the root directory of your OpenCart. Then, click on "Save".
      3. Go to Extensions → Extension Installer, select the 'traducao.ocmod.zip' file, and wait for the installation to complete.
      4. If you already have another translation installed, the installer will show the files that will be replaced. Click on "Continue" to complete the installation.

      Done! Your store will be translated.

      Free Installation Support:

      Dear friend, if you need help with the installation or encounter any issues, don't hesitate to send us a message, and we'll be happy to assist you! :)

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      Enjoy it!


      • Developed by OpenCart Community
      • 12 Months Free Support
      • Documentation Included


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