LitCommerce Sell on Etsy

LitCommerce Sell on Etsy
OpenCart Etsy integration is the process of connecting your OpenCart store to Etsy using a third-party tool like LitCommerce. Our tool allows you to bulk-list your craft items, streamline inventory, and simplify the order fulfillment process. And what's the best part? All your Etsy selling activities will be fully imported into the OpenCart dashboard, making it easier to manage orders and product quantity!

What you can get from our LitCommerce OpenCart Etsy integration?
1. Seamless marketplace integration: One-click connect with multiple sales channels at once. No technical skills or re-platforming are required. You can manage all channels within the LitCommerce app.
2. Time-saving list management: Bulk import, create, and edit listings with an easy-to-use interface. By setting rules for your listings, the data-filling process will be much faster and more effective.
3. Near-instant sync: Sync of product listings, orders, prices, and inventory between your eCommerce platform store and sales channels. No more overselling or stock-out errors.
4. Unified order fulfillment: Import your sales channel orders directly into your eCommerce platform's order page. This will streamline the workflow, save time, and allow you to focus on business growth.
5. Support all types of digital products: Whether you're selling digital artwork, downloadable files, or any other digital goods, LitCommerce makes it easy to list and manage these items on Etsy.
6. Unlock personalization function: LitCommerce provides a Personalization feature for Etsy sellers, allowing their buyers to request specific personalizations, such as engravings or patterns, directly from the listing page.
7. Import full customer data: The Etsy listing tool seamlessly imports your Etsy customer data to the main store, enabling direct order fulfillment without missing vital information.

Watch our demo on how to integrate with Etsy in just 4 main steps:

The 4-step guide on how to use LitCommerce to sell on Etsy from your OpenCart store:
- Step 1: Connect your Opencart store to sales channels
Set up your OpenCart store and connect with LitCommerce. Your OpenCart is the source from where you list products on Etsy. For online marketplaces, you can link to Etsy and 20+ more, including the most dynamic ones such as Amazon, eBay, and TikTok Shop.

- Step 2: Import and list products
List your crafts easily using the Etsy bulk listing tool - LitCommerce. We support you list items in three major cases:
+ Case 1: You have products on your OpenCart store, and you want to list them on Etsy.
+ Case 2: You have products on Etsy, now you want to import product listings to your OpenCart store.
+ Case 3: You have products on both Etsy and OpenCart stores; you want to link them together.
Products listed on Etsy will be stored in the Draft tab. You can edit products before publishing them live.

- Step 3: Turn on inventory and order sync
Our Etsy listing tool enables a real-time sync feature. This means your product details, such as product name, images, inventory, price, orders, etc., are synced between your OpenCart store and Etsy every 15 minutes.

- Step 4: Fulfill orders from your Opencart
Once you enable the Order Sync feature, your Opencart store will instantly receive all order details from Etsy. You can review and fulfill them alongside orders from your Opencart store, conveniently in one place.

Customer Reviews - Meet the Sellers Who Chose LitCommerce
"I was struggling to understand how to use some of the features to link my Etsy shops with my Wix website. Ember at the help chat was so knowledgeable and helpful. She was very patient and saved me so much time. I was ready to give up but I'm continuing my subscription. I had subscribed to save time, and the help chat was what convinced me. Listing takes so much time away from creating and this is worth every penny especially when the chat is so helpful" - Creative Designs by Della (US)

We pride ourselves on quality support, which includes free bug fixes and updates for the lifetime of this extension. Have a question, or want to try it out? Email us at or leave us a message on our website.

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