Opencart SEO Pack

Opencart SEO Pack
It is time to make your Opencart SEO friendly!

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Opencart SEO PACK contains all SEO extensions:
1. Keywords Generator for all products
2. Meta Description Generator
3. Related Products Generator
4. Tag Generator
5. Product SEO Plus
6. Canonical Categories
7. Canonical Brands
8. Friendly SEO URLS Generator
9. SEO Friendly URLs
10. Custom Titles
11. Clear SEO
12. (NEW) Custom Titles Generator

All these extensions and features cost more than $100, but now you can buy this pack for only $79.

1. Keywords Generator - generates keywords from relevant words in product and product's category titles.
2. Meta Description Generator - generates meta description for products which don't have meta descriptions from relevant words in product's title and model and category's title.
3. Related Products Generator, based on a complex algorithm, is a powerful tool which is very useful if you have many products and it takes plenty of time to find related products for them. In a couple of seconds, Related Product Generator will generate up to 5 related product for each product.
4. Tag Generator generates product tags from relevant keywords from product and category titles.
5. Product SEO Plus adds a h2 tag with name of product in product description, which is a plus for search engines + 2 more features.
6,7. Canonical Category & Brands generates SEO canonical for categories and brands.
8. Friendly SEO URLS Generator - generates SEO URLS for products, categories, manufacturers and information.
9. SEO Friendly URLs transforms links like in
10. You can set custom titles for products, categories and info pages.
11. Clear SEO deletes all SEO data (ALL tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords, seo urls and related products).
12. Generates custom titles.


OCMOD version for Opencart 3.x

All these extensions and many more are included in Opencart SEO Pack PRO:

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  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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