Newsletter Enhancements - V3 - vQmod + Free Mega Template Pack

Newsletter Enhancements - V3 - vQmod + Free Mega Template Pack
Tired of adding manually one by one your products in your Opencart newsletter?

You are on vacation? Out of office? Want to schedule your Newsletter every day,week or month automatically and have the option to even auto randomly populate it?

This module is for you! Stop wasting your time adding your products one by one and waiting to send it!


Now includes Mega Template Pack, 10 Free templates to be used.

Newsletter Enhancements - V3 – vQmod is a easy to use revolutionary newsletter software solution that includes new exciting features in version 3. With a single click you may easily populate your newsletter with:

- Product Name
- Thumb Image
- Description
- Price

- Automatically, one click, populate the newsletter with Latest Products
- Automatically, one click, populate the newsletter with Popular Products
- Automatically, one click, populate the newsletter with Special Offer Products
- Add specific Products with autocomplete
- Add attachment to newsletter
- Save drafts, preview newsletter
- Multistore Support
- Multilanguage Support
- Works with Vqmod or without it
- Throttle mode to bypass hosting providers sending limits
- check

Stats Features:
- Detailed Stats with charts
- Track opened e-mail and clicked items
- Track views, clicks and links of every single user

Marketing Tools:
- Add Subscriber Lists
- Create Custom list of e-mail with categories (Import external e-mails and boost your sales from one point)

Schedule Features:
- Schedule day/month/year when the Newsletter is going to be sent
- Schedule recurrent send with random auto populate feature

Template Features:
- Automatically creates a 2,4 or more column newsletter
- Change ALL the color settings with color picker
(Headers color, Text color, Divider line color, Footer color, Product name color, Product model color, Product price color)
- Allows customers, to optionally view the e-mail with browser
- Wysiwyg
- Easy to create Templates
- Show/Hide product price option
- Show/Hide product description option
- Decide how many products to show in your newsletter
- Unsubscribe link for registered and custom marketing list
- Subscribe box for guest in the front-end
- Subscribe jquery popup modal box feature (autoclose and manual close)

- Support via e-mail
- Support via ticket system
- PDF Guide with step by step installation and instructions
- 6 months of FREE support after purchase

Marketing to your customers, especially in today’s age of social media and customer awareness is crucial. With Newsletter Enhancements - V3., you can auto populate items into your newsletter to your customers with a click. The site owner can include in the newsletter the latest, most popular, and any items that are targeted as special offers.

For any issue just send a e-mail and we will look into it

vQmod and without vQmod

Requires PHP v5.3+ and enabled loopback connections on server.

The module for Opencart 1.4.x has only autocomplete and stats functions. The rest of the features are available only for Opencart versions 1.5.x.x.

Extension is distributed AS IT IS
All feature requests is reviewed by team and added to queue
By purchasing module you agree with its functionality.

Dedic Andrè

What customers say about Newsletter Enhancements - V3 - vQmod + Free Mega Template Pack

Excellent module. I highly recommend this module to others. It creates newsletters for a store with over 80,000 items and has no problem with speed. The email throttle and scheduled newsletters are great features.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 6 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


Compatibility,,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.4,, 1.5.0,,,,,, 1.5.0,,,,,, 1.5.1,,,, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6,,,,, 1.5.6,,,,, 1.5.0,,,,,, 1.5.1,,,, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.4,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.6,,,,, 1.5.2,, 1.5.3,, 1.5.1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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