OpenCart Mobile Framework Lite

OpenCart Mobile Framework Lite
OpenCart Mobile Framework is a mobile-optimized version of your store, up to 2700%+ faster than your desktop theme. It comes with a dedicated shopper-friendly mobile theme.

To really understand why you’ll love OMF, you need to experience it yourself.

(or on mobile)

Why use OMFramework as your mobile theme?

Optimized for speed

OMFramework is separate from your desktop theme. This means that only the content that you want to show is sent to the mobile phone. The bandwidth and smartphone resources are spared. That's why your mobile website will load in a snap even on slow connections and slow devices.

Convenient for shopping

It serves the needs of the on-the-go customer:
• buttons are large enough to be tapped with a thumb
• navigation is easy to reach and use
• site content is reduced, so that your customers aren't distracted

Easy to set up

Just install the extension and mobile visitors will be automatically redirected to the mobile site, while desktop visitors will still see the desktop site.

SEO friendly out-of-the-box

No need for you to set up a “m.” website or to submit a separate sitemap for the mobile site. Mobile shops with OMFramework are already optimized to rank higher in mobile search.

[size=150100% mobile-friendly[/size]

Be prepared for Google April 21st update. OMFramework is 100% mobile-friendly and will help your website rank higher in Google's mobile search results.

And there is even more...

OMFramework Lite is the Free demo version of OpenCart Mobile Framework.

OMFramework Basic and Multi-store, the paid versionsof this mobile theme+extension, offer checkout, customizable mobile templates, continued support and updates and other functionality missing from the Lite version.

Here’s a full comparison between OMFramework Lite, Basic and Multi-Store:

Demo of Lite version Demo of Full version

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


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27 May 2015

22 Feb 2012
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