Grouped Product - Configurable

Grouped Product - Configurable
With this mod you can create a new product page listing more products grouped
You can combine products by brand, by size, dimension, and/or nothing in common.. as you need..

Say goodbye to complicated product options.
This amazing extension is very useful for listing perfume bottles, pet food and all the products with the same name and different sizes, kit, gift Basket, etc...
Also, this configurator is very useful to help the customer to build is own personal computer adding components related to each other.

With Grouped Product, the product itself may be an option but with all the features of the product page and all the improvements that you want in an option!
Customers will find much easier to buy, and your admin panel easier to manage. For each product will keep the correct product code (EAN, JAN, ISBN, MPN, MODEL) and most product features.

With a configurable product you can help your customers in buying a complete PC, (or a gift basket, or whatever ..)! All this even for non-expert customers, because you can enter your default configurations! This is fantastic!
Just have a little patience in order to set it, the time spent, repays you with money in your pockets.

OC v2.x:
OC v1.5.x: Click here for Products example!!

Grouped Product: only two words.
Only two words are the summary of 3+ YEARS working.
Only two words for expand your OpenCart Store (and your business)!

After countless test and verification, code written and rewritten so many times, here is Grouped Product Configurable!

A software in witch every detail has been meticulously cared for, from first to last code line.
So, if you now think that this software is too expensive, please don't ask me why and don't buy it!

== Themes:
= The package contains general guideline to add others themes, some of them are NOT EASY to implement and do not respect the Development Guide of OpenCart. PLEASE CONTACT ALSO YOUR THEME DEVELOPER(s).

== GP v6.0 for Opencart 2.x:
= GP Configurable for OC 2.x does not include others GP variant like Bundle, Grouped, inCat. You can purchase it separately.


Purchase this software ONLY from:
Grouped Product is Powered by fabiom7.
Regards from Fabio, Sales strategy, Web developer.

GP Versions:
GP - Bundle
GP - Configurable
GP - Grouped
GP - inCat

= Features
* SEO Optimized
* Ability to suggest to the customer more combinations/configurations for the same product.
* Enable/Disable "add to cart" if product quantity 0
* Product Visibility: Ability to hide one o more products if they are associated to a "Grouped Product", so that the product is only visible through the "Grouped Product’s page" and not visible separately.
* Sort order for each child product
* Ability to add to Grouped Product's image all child-product's images as thumbnails

... and much more!


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 6 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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