Google Maps Markers v1.2.0

Becasue I have a lot work to do in this period it's impossible for fixes or updates.
Google recently changed the terms of use of its Google Maps APIs. That extension uses the free API key and from June 22, 2016 is valid up to 25,000 map loads per day globaly. see it there ->

You get an error message (from goolge maps) "Oops! Something went wrong" that means wants an API key from google per domain.
To get a fast fixed you must to do a "manually" the following steps. Untill I create an update for that.

Follow the tutorial to get an API key from google ->
after obtaining the API key for your domain open the file located (catalog/controller/module/google_maps.php) in your favorite text editor and
change the following
with the
Save the file, upload to your server and thats it.

(Many many thanks to users report that)

NEW!!! UPDATED FREE Goolge Maps Markers for Opencart.
Very useful for anyone who wants to show own store location with a description or an address (in a balloon text).

- No skills required for installation.
- Just a simple copy/paste
- No default files are overwritten.

The compatibility versions of the Google Maps Markers is that I was tested!
If you found another compatibility version that is not listed please notify me to add it :)

Please comment and rate it ...if you like it

Hope to n'Joy it

Sorry no demo available!
Soon will add video tutorials.

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