Product Endless Scroller / Infinite Scrolling

Product Endless Scroller / Infinite Scrolling
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What does it do?
This extension replaces the pagination on store category, search, special offer and manufacturer/brand pages with endless (infinite) scrolling so that your customer will never have to make additional clicks to see more products. It works just like Google Reader or Image search and Bing Image/Video Search.

The added bonus is speed - endless scrolling is MUCH faster than the traditional pagination in OpenCart. For example with 20,000+ products, endless scroller can access items on other pages over 30 times faster than regular pagination would allow. Even with the default OpenCart installation (around 20 products) you already get almost 3 times speed increase on browsing products!

Speed matters! - studies show that the more you keep your customers waiting the more likely they will abandon your page!

If Javascript is disabled the extension degrades gracefully to conventional pagination. So users with no JS can still access all the products and search engine crawlers (such as Googlebot, Alexa, Yahoo Slurp and others) still index all your category pages!

The scrolling is stateful, so it does not break the back button. You can scroll several pages, then leave the page to view a product for example and when you return to the infinite scrolling page with a back button, you can continue browsing from where you left the page. This significantly improves user experience!

For those who do not know, endless scrolling (or infinite scrolling or continuous scrolling) is a popular technique among web 2.0 sites, where instead of paging through items using the traditional pagination technique, the page just keeps loading with new items attached to the end.

  • Endless scrolling on category, search, special and manufacturer pages
  • Lazy image loading
    Product images are loaded only when customer scrolls to them
  • Stateful scrolling
    Preserves the back button functionality
  • Sticky footer (optional)
    Display sticky footer with current progress
  • "Back to Top" button (optional)
    Allows quick scrolling to the top of the page
  • "More" button (optional)
    Allows loading the next page with a button press instead of auto loading (so customers can access the footer without having to scroll through all the pages)
  • Degrades gracefully
    Degrades gracefully to conventional pagination when Javascript is disabled
  • Several times faster than regular pagination!
  • Fade in loaded products (optional)
  • Fully multilingual

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Live Demo
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Latest version 1.8.5

As replacing the pagination is template specific, the extension will have to be tailored to any custom theme peculiarities. The extension comes with full support for the default theme which is a good base for custom theme integration. Custom theme integration service is not included in the extension price, it can be purchased separately if need be. Any conflicts with third-party extensions are resolved in the course of commercial support.

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Support email address can be found in the extension installation instructions file inside the archive or on the extension settings page under the Support section.

What customers say about Product Endless Scroller / Infinite Scrolling

States 12 months support included, this in fact omits getting this running on any theme besides the default one, that no one uses.


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  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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